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Princess Heidi Nancy Chelsea Barbie Cinderella Rose  the Hedgehog is an 21 year old anthropomorphic hedgehog who was once a human princess. She is considered the fairest of them all, longing for her "knight in shining armor" to come and rescue her, to whom she will be very grateful, and cater to his every whim. She is also a fangirl to every hero.


Princess Heidi Nancy Chelsea Barbie Cinderella Rose the Hedgehog was was a beautiful princess in a kingdom far, far away. As a child, she was entered in thousands of beauty pageants, and won every single one. As soon as she turned 8, her body instantly matured into that of an 18-year-old, then permanently stopped ageing. She then became a famous fashion supermodel, profesional cheerleader, actress, singer, and could even use her charm to get even the most evil vilians to to turn over anew leaf. She was so generous, that she donated all of her money to every charity in the world, until she finally went completely bankrupt. She was so broke, that her parents died and she became homeless. She then took on a job as a burlesque dancer, where everyone loved her performances, and threw her lots of money on the stage.

When she was a teenager, she went into a lustful psychotic stalker fangirl phase, where she would randomly declare men she had a crush on as her boyfriend (or boyfriends), and follow him, wherever he went, but the boys didn't mind it one bit because she was so sweet and beautiful. At the time, she would wear nothing but a thin, skin tight, super short, black leather miniskirt (with nothing underneath), and a pair of black, thigh high, high heeled boots, with only her long blone hair covering her breasts. She was also very promiscuous to the point where she had engaged in coitus with every single male (and some females) in her entire high school.


Heidi is a proper, classy, and elegant young lady, she is always polite and never swears or raises her voice. She is a peppy and cheery social butterfly, and always makes guests (especially males) feel welcome in her home. She is very naive, gentle, inoccent, obiediant and very submissive to the point where she will do anything that anyone tells her to do. She is also perfectly fine with guys dating other women while dating her. Despite her classy lifestyle, she has little to no standards when it comes to men. She is a strict vegan, eats only small portions, once a week, and if she thinks that she has eaten to much, she will force herself to throw up. When she does eat, she always makes sure to use the most proper of a table manners, meaning that she never slouches, always holds her pinky out a big when drinking, and always makes sure to use the proper silverware. She always dresses formal, even when she isn't going out. Heidi always wears make up, even when she sleeps. She is super self-concious about her appearence, and is obsessed with making good impressions. She belives that all women are meant to be perfect wives and mothers, and she looks down on tomboys. She always makes sure to carry around a parasol to help keep the sun off her milky skin.

Alternative Phase

Whenever Heidi is single, she occasionaly goes into phases in which she goes from proper lady, to girly valley girl. She remains self-concious and submisvie and keeps most of her peppy and cheery personality, but her speech pattern changes to that of a stereotypical valley girl, randomly inserting "like so totally" into her sentences ans speaking with acronyms. She she also constantly flirts with men and wears less clothing to show off to potential partners. She is also extremely lustful.

Special Abilities

Heidi's only ability is that she can use her feminine charm to distract potential attackers, but this only works for so long. She mostly refuses to fight, as she sees it as "unladylike".


Heidi's only skills are cooking, cleaning and proper etiquette. She especially loves to cook for men, as she dreams of being the best housewife she can be. She also loves taking care of children, but she isn't very good at it. She also knows a little bit of French, and can name all of the Kardashians, and all of the members of One Direction. She Is also very skilled at coitus, there isn't a single position she doesn't know.


Heidi is incredibly weak and has no powers or physical strength whatsoever. She has never fought a day in her life as she is afraid of "ruining" herself, or she sees fighting as "unladylike". Even if she was in a situation where she had to fight, as soon as she feels just a little bit of pain, she will fall onto the ground and scream. She is also very skinny and fragile due to her perfect figure. She is terrified of insects, dirt, germs, meat, "carbs", and when ever she sees or hears anything that she thinks is absolutly horible, she will hold the back of her hand to her forehead, and dramaticly faint. She cannot hold her own, and must be protected by a man at all times. 




"Like, so totally like OMG!"

"OMG, those shoes are like, so totally fab!"

"OMG, Isn't Nick Jonas like, so totes dreamy?"

*Gasps*"I would neever use such foul language, I am a lady."

"I woud not be caught dead wearing pants, I dress like a lady."

*Gasps*"How dare you just shove food into your mouth like that! Where are your manners?"

*Cringes*"How can you eat that?! Do you know how fattening that is?"

"All women should strive to be perfect wives and mothers."'

"Ladies do not sweat, we glisten."

"A lady can never be too skinny."

"Nothing good can come from being lazy, there are no lazy ladies."

"Would you like to join me for a tea party/wine tasting?"

"We may be simmilar to animals, but that does not mean we have to live like animals."

"How can you be proud to call yourself a tomboy, that is something that you should me ashamed of!"

*Gasps*"How selfish of you! You should be happy to have this privilege!"

"Well, of course I want to have children, that is what is expected of me."

"AAAAAHH! I broke a nail!"

"This is how women are suposed to be, and as a woman, it is my duty to pamper and serve my man."

"Would you prefer that I call you "master"?"

"No, I do not deserve to be with such a nice man as you, I am not good enough for you."

"Aah!, I think I am going to faint!" *dramatically faints*

"Aaah! Carbs!"

"Aaah! Meat!"

"Aaah! Germs!"


  • Just like the previous joke character made by this user, this character is a combination of every trait that the creator hates in a fancharacter.
    • Including the last name, Rose, as Amy Rose is the creator's least favorite character.
  • Heidi is an exaggerated parody of the following archetypes:
    • The Heroe's Muse
    • The World's Most Beautiful Woman
    • The Damsel in Distress
    • The Classic Princess
    • The Southern Belle
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