This is a parody article.
Hedgehog the Sonic is a parody character of Sonic the Hedgehog.


04192019 Hedgehog the Sonic

Hedgehog the Sonic's the super original and cool Sonic Hero

He is a bright red hedgehog with dark skin and blue eyes. He wears yellow gloves and green shoes but they resemble what Sonic usually has on. Hedgehog is a very original design.


He is a totally original and super fast guy. He loves running, you could say he is faster then Sonic himself. Hedgehog the Sonic is good friends with Fox the Tails and Echidna the Knuckles. They go on a lot of adventures together and are so much cooler and work better as a team then Sonic and his friends. Hedgehog also has a lover named Patience. They met while Hedgehog was on a run and he just couldn't help but notice how cute he was so they dated right on the spot.


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