Hedgehog Sense is an ability possessed by all hedgehogs. It alerts them to various phenomena, whether dangerous or just plain interesting. How and why it works is a mystery even to the world's top scientists.


Hedgehog Sense tells a hedgehog about a person, object or other such phenomenon that could prove dangerous or otherwise important to them. This usually manifests itself in the form of one or – rarely – both of the hedgehog's ears twitching and an accompanying tingle in the part of the head near said ear. The exact ear that twitches varies by hedgehog and has little – if anything – to do with which hand is their dominant hand. While Hedgehog Sense does not identify the exact nature of what triggers it, it does send a signal to the hedgehog's brain telling it to move in a certain direction to move out of the way of danger or move towards a needed object, amongst other things. However, this also means that, for example, if a hedgehog were looking for a person in a skyscraper filled with people, the psychic energy given off by everybody would throw off the hedgehog unless it also possessed some other form of psychic power like Silver does. The types of danger that Hedgehog Sense can detect vary from snipers to poisoned food. Hedgehog Sense can also detect all but the most skilled liars.

Known users


Rouge the Bat demonstrated a similar technique in "Sonic Wave", first when she was being spied on by Knuckles, and later when she was crying in her house after Knuckles shoved her. However, this may have less to do with any sixth sense than her just plain having advanced hearing. It may also have something to do with her having the ability of echolocation.


Scientists have disputed what rank Hedgehog Sense would fall under. However, most feel that it deserves at least an A-rank due to its usefulness. Some argue that it's closer to a D-rank because it requires little – if any – effort to accomplish and is generally involuntary.


  • Hedgehog Sense is based off of Spider-Man's spider-sense.
  • The first of BearfootTruck’s stories to depict Hedgehog Sense is "Hugs Change Everything".
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