This is an article about Hedgehog Dude's Super Form, a character created by on 06/13/2013.


He appears just like Super Sonic.


Lightning Dude and Eggman had made Hedgehog Dude fall in a volcano. Hedgehog Dude tried to hold on but fell to his doom. However, he didn't die because he was able to access his super form. He then battled Eggman and won in such a short second.


Hedgehog Dude was born with all his abilities. Hedgehog Dude's powers are supernatural. Hedgehog Dude's powers are more powerful in his super form.

Special Abilities

In this form, Hedgehog Dude is faster, stronger, and has more skill. Hedgehog Dude can fly better. He can light the room in the dark. Also, he can go into Super Form Level 2. He is stronger than Super Lightning Dude. He can do Super Speed Boost. It makes him go 10× his speed. In his regular form, he's faster than Sonic by 330,000,000,000. In super form, he's faster by 6.6 × 10,000,000,000,000 in full speed. He is the fastest in the galaxy. He is even faster in his hyper form and even faster in his dark form.


Hedgehog Dude's skills are also supernatural. He had been born with is trademark speed, powers, speed powers, and skills


His super form is not known to have any weaknessess. He has mastered the elements. He is stronger in this form.

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