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This is a page about Hedgeguins, a species created by Wikikinetic

Tranq the Hedgeguin,
a typical hedgeguin.

A hedgeguin is a type of hedgehog-penguin hybrid. Hedgeguins display traits of both hedgehogs and penguins; some hedgeguins may have more pronounced features of one than another. Hedgeguins are a well-established race, going back thousands of years (if not more) and having inconspicuously mixed in with the rest of the Mobian world.


Hedgeguins usually have penguin-like heads (sometimes with hedgehog-like quills) and thick fluff (somewhere between feathers and fur) going down their torsos and outer arms. Their arms usually end in hands, sometimes with a sixth, flipper-like appendage protruding from the back of the hand. The fluff may or may not end before the wrist; hedgeguins with fluff going past the wrist are more likely to have this sixth, furry digit, as the penguin traits which cause more fur cause this vestigial remnant of a flipper to appear. Hedgeguins also have fluffy hedgehog-like legs.

Hedgeguins may be any of a large number of colors and patterns. Their patterns usually resemble one sort of penguin or another (as this is a penguin trait), while their colors may greatly vary (due to the hedgehog traits). As such, hedgeguins have a wide variety of complexions.

Due to the diversity of hedgeguin appearances, hedgeguins may be mistaken for normal hedgehogs or penguins. Any piece of the appearance of hedgeguins as listed above may not appear on a hedgeguin at all.

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