Hector or as he is better known as now "Red" has become a single man army hell bent on eliminating the war between good and evil. However Red has been known to lean more towards evil. He wishes deeply to kill his sister Shamia as she can keep him from gaining immortality so he can kill all traces of evil and good that may recreate a war.


Hector the Meerkat (25 Years Later)
Hector(Red) the Meerkat

Current Years and Days
Name Hector the Meerkat
Weapons Sun Energy,Metal Arm
Profession(s), Occupation(s)
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age:34
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Brown
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Gender: Male
Attire [Clothing]
Affiliation(s) Neutral(Will kill just as soon as he would save)
Romantic Interest(s) Velvet the Hedgehog(Possibly)
  • Solar(Tainted Light Energy)
  • Demon Control
  • Superspeed
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Amaterasu Blaze Release: Kagutsuchi
  • Body Flame Technique
  • Lion Combo
  • Demon's Wrath
  • Super Strength with metal arm
  • Maelana the Meerkat~Mother
  • Hector "The Sandman* Meerkat Sr.~Father
  • Shamia the Meerkat~Sister
  • Raja the Meerkat~Baby Cousin
  • Maelana the Meerkat II~Neice
  • Prince Akin~Nephew
  • King Nayer~Brother-In-Law
  • Sand the Meerkat~Neice
Likes Power,honor,winning, girls,vengance, A new world
Dislikes Losing,Rebels,Sonic, Shamia,Shamar
  • Shamar
Current Residence
  • Eggman's Base
Alternative Names
  • Red
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
  • Crispin Freeman
Japanese Voice Actor
  • Hideo Ishikawa

After Leaving/Training

After Red left Shamar he and Zenbi began to train. He learned techniques that helped him to become strong. She raised his primary abilities, gained new abilities, and even learned how to use some of Zenbi's moves. Zenbi had the same infatuation with creating peace by killing all who opposed. She got this mindset from studying the defected Panda Clan member Shun the Panda. Zenbi was killed by her brother Souzosha after he created the Valor Knights. However Souzosha was killed by Blade the Hedgehog, Sonic, Silver, and Shadow(All in their Super Forms). Red took Zenbi's book of Dark Magic and learned of the Immortality spell. However Red could not pull this off because even the power of the spell couldn't break the Soul Bond he and his sister had so when Shamia died the spell would break and Hector would die as well(Though Hector would still retain his current look if it had been from old age.) Red swore he would find a way to fulfill his master's wishes even if it meant he would have to kill all who stood in his way. Red began to study Shun, and his beliefs as well as his power more and more. He learned his ideals, and how he planned to do it.

First Attack:Target Eggman Jr.

Red decided that Eggman Jr.(who was 22) would have the answers he was looking for. He boarded the ship and eliminated all of his robots in a matter of seconds. Red found Eggman Jr. as he fled Red chased him, but Eggman Jr. had a plan. He lead Red right into his Roboticizer 2.5 and Rad's hand turned to a bronze metal. Before Red could be transformed he broke from the machine and grabbed Eggman Jr. with his new found strength from the robotic arm. Eggman Jr. promised to help if Red would complete missions for him. Red agreed thinking that once he had gained immortality that he would just kill Eggman Jr. to rid the world of the filth. Eggman Jr's first assignment was to take out Sonic's son(Eggman Jr's arch-rival)

Second Attack:Sonic's Son

Red made haste to Sonic's kingdom. Red wasted no time once arriving and attacked Sonic's son. It wasn't until Sonic stepped in that Red showed any emotion. He had remembered Sonic from a forest back when he was a child. Sonic was with a few other people one including Souzosha. Red also remembered seeing Blade, Sonic, Shamia, and two others flee away as Zenbi and Souzosha had their first battle in over a thousand years. Sonic didn't recognize Red as his appearance is different. However after Red mentioned Shamia(Who Sonic remained friends with) Sonic remembered. Sonic attacked Red, but was easily matched by Red's solar powers. The guards immediately sprung into action(As well as Knuckles, Tails, and Julie-Su). Red decided to flee and headed back towards Eggman's base. Jr. introduced Red to his father(The now 85 year old Eggman). Eggman had made advances with the research, however tails and knuckles followed Red. Red couldn't fight them off for long and they destroyed the research. Filled with anger Red through Knuckles and Tails from the Egg Carrier. However they were saved by none other than the traveling riders Team Trinity. After hearing of the situation Team Trinity helped Knuckles and Tails by giving them a ride to Shamar. They were going to meet with Shamia.

Third Attack:A Broken Bond

After Shamia learned of her brothers return she put the city on lock down, and said the city was now under critical surveillance. Shamia had travelled on her cloud along with her daughter to find Red. Red was already on the move and found her first. Red wasted no time in explaining his plans as he proclaimed he missed his sister. He decided to strike the weakest link first and attacked Mae(Shamia's Daughter). Before he could knock her out(possibly kill her) Shamia stepped in. Red knew she was in no condition to fight him being that it was day, but Shamia would be damned to let Red hurt her family. A mist the fight Red said that he would sever the bond he and his sister had and would kill her in order to achieve what was best for the wold. Shamia told him that he was wrong and that she would stop him. She also proclaimed that if she couldn't others would stop him. Shamia was soon after defeated, but Rad obviously had to let her live. Red stated that the next time Shamia would see him her life will be flashing before her eyes. Red looked down to his unconscious niece and walked away laughing. Shamia was saved by Sonic and Julie-Su who had worried that Shamia couldn't beat her brother because of the time of day.

A New Squad

Red decided to form a squad to accompany him in his mission. He chose one of Eggman Jr's robots, X-023, a young street orphan who reminded him of Shamia(showing that he still somewhat cares for Shamia), another women who was a rogue ninja from Shamar, and a large crocodile named Tyranus. They still worked for Eggman Jr. of course and took on intergalactic missions to spread peace everywhere. Red had trained each of them to be geared for this "new world".

Third Attack:Sonic's Kingdom

In an attempt to slow down Sonic and friends from bringing in more income for military purposes, Red waged an attack. It included his group, and abotu 10,000 of Eggman Jr's robots. Red also called forth some allies(A newly formed group of Templars). It is then that Red learns of the Pieces of Eden, and that they still exist. Red decides to head out of the battle early only to be confronted by Knuckles and Julie-Su. They fought with Knuckles and Julie-Su getting the upper hand. However Red used his new technique "Hinote Oujou". This nearly killed both Julie and Knuckles. Red fleed in search of the Piece Of Eden(In present time there is only one left in existense).

Fourth Atack:Kingdom Kon

Red had traced the location of a criminal to the village of Kingdom Kon. He was instantly attacked by Chief Knacku(Who was around 65). Red made haste in killing Knacku. When this happened all of the guards attacked Red. He fleed away and stumbled upon an angered Julia(Who had sensed her father's death). Her along with her husband fought Red. Red knew they were strong and decided to reawaken his demon. He did so as the black marks covered his body. The demon had grew stronger from it's slumber and had reawkened it's own 2nd and 3rd state. Red used the secodn state(He can only barely control the third for a few seconds). He easily took down Julia and her husband, but didn't kill them. He took Julia's husband to Jr. where his talents in combat could be put to use as a robot. Julia swore revenge on Red.


Red is still working with Eggman Jr. and has found an ally in more team members as well as the recreated Valor Knights(Recreated by Spade an old friend from Blade's past). Red also found help from The Organization a group(similar to Akatsuki) who shared Red's goals. They have become a high powered group who prove a might to anyone who stands in their way. They are still in search for the Piece of Eden)


"It's Red, because that's all my victims see of me."

"Shamia you won't escape my power"

"Let's Go"

"Witness my power"


"Was that a joke"

"Always the first to bark!Huh Sonic?"



Eggman Jr.

Red Scar(His Squad)

The Organization

The Valor Knights

Zenbi(Before Death)



Eggman Jr.

The Organization

The Valor Knights

Red Scar


Shamia the Meerkat(Arch-Nemesis)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna

Miles "Tails" Prower

Sonic's Kingdom


Julia the Hedgehog

Chief Knacku(Before his death)

Souzosha(Before his death)

Love Interest

Velvet the Hedgehog(Possibly)


Red is a very unpredictable person. He is quite the wild card. he seems to show some traits of when he was a child like laughing, his love of winning, and showboating. Red however has become more conserved and tends to hide his other emotions. What makes him a wild card is the fact that he will save some one just as soon as he would kill them. He has saved many people before. Red is truly a nice person who was lost within the darkness.


Meerkat's Fury: This move is a basic combo that attacks an enemy sending them in midair to be hit with a number of kicks before being hit to the ground.

Fire Based Moves: Hector has alot of sun based moves technically making him a pyrokinetic in his own right.He has the ability to create Black Flames that are said to be hooter than the sun. He has many fire style moves each that can be unlocked or opened after reaching a certain power state in battle.

Demon's Wrath: This is the demon sealed within Hector from Zenbi's bite. Hector can unleash this demon once per battle and black marks cover Hector's body when done so. This demon is said to have five states but Hector can only use the thrid and second states.

Sunsengan: This move can only be achieved in the second state of the demon form or by killing some one of the same bloodline as you.This move allows Hector to grab a peice of the sun turning it into a ball of energy and ram it into an opponent(similar to rasengan) it does take a short time to charge first(Like both Chidori and Rasengan).

Hinote Oujou~This move means "Fire Death" and it's name proceeds it. The user can use either nearby fire or sun energy to create a huge blast large and strong enough to kill people. The strength can be varried depending on the user's stamina.

Fire Copy: Red can copy himself using fire(Only usable in the day).

Solar Flare:A blinding ability.

Demon Control~The seal that allows Red to control the demon.

Superspeed ~Rivaling Sonic's own speed.

Pyrokinesis ~The Control Of Fire


Theme Songs

Do You Call My Name~Main Theme


  • Red's possibly relationship with Velvet is a pun to "Red Velvet"
  • Red's look is based off of Vincent Valentine

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