Hector the Hedgehog is a street performer that roams Mobius, created by Christhecat1212. He is the main protagonist of an upcoming fanon saga called Jester Tales.


Hector is a white-furred hedgehog with dark turquoise stripes on his quills, and one moving down his forehead. He has a light shade of turquoise eyes and a pale, almost whiteish muzzle.

For his attire, he wears an outfit that has been described to be a cross between a jazz performer suit and a jester costume, with half of it being white, and half of it being dark turquoise, to match his physical features.


Hector is a showman, giving off an impression of being upbeat and cheerful, and while he does inherit some of these traits to his true personality, he is also rather sarcastic and more of a realist if anything. He enjoys performing his various tricks in front of crowds, and has developed a bad habit of gambling at a very young age.


Unique Abilities

Super Speed: Hector's most prominent ability. He can run up to speeds dominating Mach 8, or 6138.15 mph. Hector employs his fast speed skillfully, such as running across walls, or using simple items such as pebbles or cards as projectiles moving faster than sniper bullets

  • Superhuman Precision: Hector has incredible precision and reflexes, even without using his super speed. At normal, he was able to grab flies out of the air and able to predict where enemies were aiming at him and dodge their bullets. When employing his speed, he takes these skills to an extreme degree, flicking bullets off of people before their skin was penetrated and being able to precisely stab an opponents vital parts under a second.

Motu: The special technique of controlling kinetic energy, Hector employs Motu to great use with his speed, which allows him to stockpile enormous amounts of energy, which he applies for a variety of situations. He can use Motu to empower his attacks to a great level, and direct the flow of energy to certain body parts to null or outright deflect attacks to serve as a defense. Not knowing what it is, Hector has dubbed the energy "sonic boom."

  • Hector can also imbue Motu into items, empowering them. He can take advantage of this ability and throw fistfuls of small objects such as sand to blow apart entire buildings, although he seldom uses this technique.


Skilled Fighter: Hector does have some experience with street fights and uses martial arts to overpower foes. He is shown to be able to take down common thugs only relying on his martial art techniques. These skills, combined with his super speed and Motu, make his attacks devastating, becoming nigh invincible in combat by normal terms.

Acrobatics: As a street performer, Hector is experienced in using acrobatic tricks, and subsequently uses them in combat. He mainly employs them to move around faster without hinderance and avoid attacks launched at him in combat.


Jester Suit: Hector's wardrobe was designed to withstand the friction and heat from running so fast. His clown shoes also contain some lock picking tools in the event of being imprisoned or need of a break-in.

Cards: Hector keeps a set of steel cards, which like his outfit, is designed to withstand his fast speeds. They also conduct Motu very well, which makes them excellent projectiles, and are his primary weapon in combat.

Casino Chips: A set with his cards, Hector uses his chips as darts for more precise targeting. They are far more durable, and usually used for fatal attacks.



  • Hector inherited his super speed from his alternate counterpart. The two of them have very similar personalities (although Sonic has a stronger moral compass.)
  • Hector once tried to become a professional clown to earn more money. This backfired when he ended up yelling at the young children out of frustration, and ended making them cry. He was subsequently fired.
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