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Hector is a coyote with rust colored fur along with hazmat yellow hair that is shaved on the right side. On the left, it is separated into locks of hair that go over his eye in the front and below his hairline in the back. When using his powers, his yellow hair turns into a glowing neon green, and his otherwise orange eyes glow yellow. One would also notice that he lacks a tail of any kind.

For clothing, he wears a black thermal shirt with faded yellow graphics in the front, including a radiation sign. He also wears loose grey cargos and black sneakers with yellow laces.


One thing that must be known about Hector is that he loves freedom. He shrugs off responsibilities for the sake of adventure, only stopping for food and rest. He doesn't care much for other people. Others tend to hate him due to his nonchalant approach to danger and his rude demeanor. He sees relationships as a limit to freedom, so he is actually quite happy people don't like him. There may be an exception or few though, where he sees himself in others. He may just stop for a quick chat.

Behind the carefree face he wears lies the painful burden of his past, and he carries his dark experiences with hi wherever he goes. He sees his freedom as a way of making up for all the time he spent sitting around, doing nothing.


Early Life

Hector Locke was born in a military family. His mother and father were both part of a Private Military Corporation that countries bought to fight for them. For the sake of their son's safety, Hector was raised by his Aunt and Uncle. They lived in a suburban neighborhood outside of Central City. His uncle was quite a bitter yet generous man. While yelling at his nephew to go out into the world and do something, he would give Hector videogames so he would stay occupied and not come into contact with his uncle when he was working in his study. Sometimes his uncle would pass by Hector, who was twelve at this point, and he would berate his nephew about how stupid videogames were and how he already wasted years of his life because of them. After three years of listening to his uncle's annoying drivel, Hector, at the age of fifteen, moved out. He got a job at a family-owned bakery in the city. Being an outsider to the family who owned it, he just kept to himself. The family of the bakery was never outgoing towards Hector as well. The manager just handed Locke a mop and pointed at what floor to clean. He did this for six months, and everything seemed to be going fine.

One night, though, Hector was told to clean the basement floor, somewhere he had never been to. Before he could start descending the staircase, though, he was pushed down by the manager. Injured and unable to fight, Hector was chained to a wall by his tail. The family, mostly the father, started injecting the weakened coyote with several strange glowing substances that brought unmeasurable pain and torment along with strange side-effects. This went on for two months, while he survived off of nothing but moldy bread.

During his incarceration, and despite all the pain, he regained his strength and then some. That sad truth was that he would not be able to leave without leaving something behind. In order to escape, he gnawed off his own tail as the family was out. For him, the hardest part was not screaming and giving away his only means of escape. After he freed himself, he crawled up the stairs and made it to the bakery kitchen. He had lost track of time, and it didn't help that it was midnight and no customers would be present. Unfortunately, the father was all too present when he made it out. He charged at Hector with serrated knife in hand. All Hector could do was extend one hand as he awaited death, but it never came. When Hector extended his hand, he unleashed an ash-like cloud into the father's face. The cloud ended up killing him in seconds.

Hector didn't question what had happened. He simply got up and sat on a chair in the bakery and waited for the rest of the family to arrive. When they did, he unleashed a larger cloud as he limped around them and left the bakery, keeping the door closed until the slamming stopped. As he was limping away, His limp became a walk, which became a run, and that turned into an all out sprint where he ran speeds unnatural to a handful of Mobians.

Ever since then, he has been moving. To him, two months of sitting alone in darkness was enough to last a lifetime. Over the past decade, Hector discovered the extent of his abilities, practicing them in between run-ins with civilization. He didn't care about what family he had left. He never bothered trying to contact any relatives. He severed all previous ties and left it behind in the basement, along with his tail.


All the radioactive injections he received over two months ended up giving Hector radiokinesis, or the ability to expel and manipulate radiation. He has learned to launch large needles of plutonium at his targets, which can burn weaker materials and flesh. Over time, the needles dissolve, and Locke reabsorbs the radiation. He can also unleash radiation in the form of volatile ash clouds that cause severe lung trauma and radiation poisoning until it is reabsorbed and disperses. As a melee weapon, Hector keeps it simple and creates a superheated plutonium rod that has the same effect as the plutonium needles, but with extra force. His final radiation-manipulating ability allows him to form nuclear rocks of varying sizes, launching volleys of them at targets. They tend to explode on impact and this ability is the most powerful of his arsenal. It does come with a cost. The larger the rock, the more tired Hector gets. oddly enough, he can't absorb a good amount of the radiation he expends using this ability. He claims that this is because the radiation "went bad". The largest rock he created ended up making a crater the size of a football field, and it also decreased Locke's life-expectancy by five years.

Aside from those, he has the obvious immunity to radiation poisoning. Over time, he gained unnatural speed and strength, now being able to lift 200 pounds with the effort it takes an average mobian to lift half of that, and being able to run up to 25 miles per hour.


  • Abnormal endurance- can take a lot of punishment before going down, including gunshots and deep cuts.
  • Super strength- although his leg strength is only average, his upper body strength allows him to toss his heavy Pluto-spears with ease.
  • Iron belly- can eat almost anything as long as he can chew it.


  • Skilled in street-fighting.
  • Oddly enough, he enjoys making maps of uncharted locations as he adventures.


He can only expel a certain amount of radiation for him to manipulate. After that, he either has to reabsorb it or find a source of radiation to recharge. Whenever he is out of radiation, he acts like he has a major case of sleep deprivation, even with purple sacs under his eyes.

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