Hectic is an anthropomorphic hedgehog (if it were not anymore obvious enough) who hails from the iconic and eminent world of the Sonic universe, Mobius. The fur upon his body consists primarily of a mantis green pigment with no sort of clashing color palette upon his character, excluding that of the appealing pale apricot color that exists on his arms, feet, and muzzle. Physically, he possesses a somewhat slim body frame despite appearing modestly built muscle-wise for someone his age; other than that, however, he doesn't appear as one would expect a maturing teenager to look as he still owns a youthful aspect, specifically regarding the rather feminine features he bares on his face (inherited wholly from his mother), which often has others mistakenly presume he's younger than he chronologically is. As for more distinguishing features, we are directed to his abnormal emblematic hairstyle: sporting two large, slickly-groomed quills that raise vertically from the left and right sides respectively (they share a strong resemblance to horns) and a black hairband, which binds a few loose curls all in the middle; basically, it acts somewhat as a constrictor. Two other short and slick quills run down the back of his head, curved in its course like loose hair yet more distinctively organized & distinguishable. And finally, as a diminutive yet-still-very-much-so discernible feature, three small plume-like quills protrude from both opposite sides of his face.


For preferable casual wear/daily attire, he sports a garb that is instantly assumed as gear for physical recreation activities; a black tank top with a thick white neck collar that he wears unashamedly in the limelight of public activity, white shorts with black from the sides and bottom respectively, black-and-white arm and leg sleeves (do not question his fashion sense, he is a child), and finally just simple black-and-white sneakers, their accessory scheme prompted largely from the internationally renowned legend of Mobius, Sonic The Hedgehog, except that the accessories upon Hectic's own footwear includes 3 white straps, black shoelaces and a more distinctive color scheme, which has it appear somewhat more original and inventive only in that aspect in comparison to the originals.


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Star Amulet: A prominent family heirloom passed on throughout the family line for several generations that his mother then endowed to him as a child. A translucent silver gem molded in the shape of a twinkling star hangs from the end of the chain. Other than that, it appears from a glance to be a family accessory withholding no supernatural aspects.


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