Light Mobius Hecate bears a very strong resemblance to her normal in game counterpart. She has purple fur, gravity-defying quills with red streaks in them, and her eyes are milky crimson. Her arms, muzzle, chest, and the inside of her ears are beige, she doesn't wear any gloves, a silver ring with a spiral symbol on her right hand's ring finger, and a black two peice. She wears blue jeans and lavender shoes with black soles and darker lavender 'claw' streaks.


Hecate is polite, quite, and captivating. She is rather calm in even the most perilous situations. She doesn't get angry easily and prefers to talk it out instead of fighting.


Hecate appears in Hikaru the Kitsune: A Future Hope.



Being a sorceress, Hecate is able to cast many different types of spells. She is much more advanced in her spells than any other version of her.

Mind Reading

Hecate is able to read other people's minds. It depends on the person's intelligence if she is able to read their mind or not. Having an Aetherstone on you can nullify this power.

Mind's Eye

Since she is blind, Hecate has learned how to use her 'mind's eye' to see.


Hecate is able to create anything she can imaging out of purple energy.


Hecate is able to shapeshift into any living being she sees with her mind's eye. Though, she can only hold these forms for so long.



Hecate is able to sense other's emotions.



Despite being blind, Hecate makes some very impressive paintings and clay figures.


Hecate is very skilled when using spells. Mostly using elementless spells when fighting.



Hecate was born blind, though now this isn't a problem. She uses touch, hearing, and her mind's eye to 'see.'

Fire and Ice

Hecate is weak to fire and ice attacks.


Hecate's Lament - Soldier of Love (Nightcore Version)

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