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Hecate is a hedgehog with purple fur, beige fur on her muzzle, ears, and arms. She has seven quills: the first curling downwards, the second curling upwards, the third curling downwards, the fourth hanging limply and curling upwards, and the last three share the sameness pattern as quills two-through-four. Along these quills are small red markings that also tip her ears, the same red as her eyes. She wears a black t-shirt with a six-prong star in the middle, black pants, and black shoes with sock cuffs and royal purple soles, a star on the front, and three small dots near the back of the shoe.


Hecate is calm, quirky, and positive. She is rather playful, always loving a good laugh. She is nice and respectful to her friends, but can be pretty nasty if pushed beyond her breaking point.


Hecate is the most recent member of the Hearth family, a line of sorcerers and sorceresses that date back to hundreds of years ago. She was taught from a young age about her magic and how to use it. She wanted to use this magic for good, so by fourteen she left her family to make her own living and to help those in need. She eventually settled down in New Mobotropolis, there she met a nice young man named Isaac and a friendly cheetah named Savannah. They had asked by her to help tend the wounds of a hybrid that she had never seen before. She did as she was asked, eventually growing to like the three. And so they became friends.




Hecate has been trained in the art of sorcery, and such she is able to use many different spells and scrolls. She mainly sticks to more defensive magic rather than offensive magic. (Spells will be listed in the Combat section)


Natural Magic Manipulation

From being born from a line of magic users, its coded in her blood to be a natural at casting and controlling spells of all variations.



She is good at using magic. Enough said.


(Note: All of these cost energy to use)


A shield that can either surround the user or just block the front from attacks. Strong attacks can easily break through this.

Energy Lash

A whip made of purple energy. Can be used to grab items or opponents.


A spell that allows the user to shapeshifting into anything they have seen, which includes both objects and animals.


Exactly what is says.



Isaac the Hedgehog

Hecate finds Isaac to be a little annoying, but she enjoys his companionship greatly. She likes to mess with Isaac whenever he messes with her first, and he likes that.

Savannah the Cheetah

Savannah is Hecate's best female friend. She gets along more with Savannah than she would with anyone else as they can related to each other's problems.

Cobalt the Hedgedragon

Hecate is deeply interested in hedgedragons and hedgedragon lore, and she gets all this information from Cobalt. Aside from being a rare species, Hecate likes Cobalt's laid back and friendly nature, and they get along well with each other.

Amethyst the Hedgedragon

Hecate is quite fond of the she-hybrid, Amethyst. Even though she is from a different society, Hecate loves her greatly just like she would any of her other friends and held Amethyst make her feel like she fits in.


Dr. Eggman/Robotnik

Hecate dislikes Eggman greatly. She had helped defended New Mobotropolis from the doctor's many raids on the city, and such grew to dislike him very much. She is determined to protect her home and stop Eggman's attack.

Shadow Galaxia

Hecate despises Shadow Galaxia and his entire race. Not only had he attaked her and her planet, but he had also temporarily turned her into a Shadowains. This affect was reversed, but not without leaving a special spot in her soul for hating him.

Aegrine the Hedgedragon

While she doesn't completely despises Aegrine, she greatly dislikes him for trying to kill her friends and herself. It doesn't matter what she thinks of him, he is a dangerous enemy that will not stop until he gets what he wants.

Diaspore the Hedgedragon

She dislikes Diaspore more than Aegrine, since she goes out of her way to insult Hecate, Savannah, and Amethyst in particular. Hecate finds Diaspore to be irritating and disrespect, and so she doesn't like her.


Divine Hecate

Divine is Hecate's Super form. The only changes are that her fur turns snowy white, the streaks on her quills become light grey, and her attire completely changes. She wears armor that give off a strange aura, almost as it was from a different universe. Her energy and magical abilities are boosted. The only way she can achieve this form is by having an intense feeling to protect her friends at all costs.

Shadow Hecate

The form Hecate takes on when injected with Shadowian DNA. She is much more aggressive and sadistic in this state, and will not hesitate to kill.


Energy Usage

Even though Hecate's magic is strong, any kind of magic has its price. And because of such, using magic takes a lot of energy out of Hecate's body, so she can only use so many spells before she becomes exhausted.


Best = 10 Worst = 1

Health: 5 Attack: 4 Defense: 6 Speed: 5 Intelligence: 8 Charisma: 4

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