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The Heavy Shinobi is a character set to appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave. It is a robotic ninja working under the Heavy King and has a one-sided rivalry with Splash the Greninja, because it views itself the superior ninja to him. Currently, it makes a minor appearance in Trouble in the South, where it attacks Tundra Smith's returning patrol, and later makes a report to the Heavy King in the Epilogue. While genderless, it is referred to as male.


The Heavy Shinobi maintains its appearance from the game Sonic Mania.


While it wasn't given much of a personality in the game, the Sonic News Network describes him as mysterious and secretive, in keeping with the ninja aesthetic. It maintains this in the series, but also gains a strong rivalry toward Splash the Greninja because of the Ninja Pokemon's interference when the Shinobi attacked a Resistance patrol returning from Southern Woods Village.


The Heavy Shinobi's past is unknown.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave

Trouble in the South: As Tundra Smith, Audrey the Dog, Chaise the Wolf, Cody the Wolfdog, and Coop the Dog returned from Southern Woods with Sherry the Dingo, the Shinobi attacked them just in front of Wolfhart City, but Splash interfered, driving it away. Later, in the Epilogue, the Heavy Shinobi met with the Heavy King and gave his report, receiving a reprimand for his failure.

The Final Battle: While he does not appear, the Shinobi is briefly mentioned after the battle when the Hard Boiled Heavies are all seen offline among the wreckage.


Granted power by the Phantom Ruby, the Heavy Shinobi was given a ninja aesthetic and uses it to its full effect, with Asteron Badniks as shurikens.


The Heavy Shinobi's sprite in Sonic Mania


Currently unknown

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