The Heavy Rider is a character set to appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave. It is one of the Hard-Boiled Heavies, and, while genderless, is referred to as female. It debuted last, as it pursued the warriors to High Mountain City and chased them down to "joust" them, taking swipes at them with its mace while trying to hurt them.


The Heavy Rider retains its appearance from Sonic Mania and its Sonic Mania Plus add-on.


While the Heavy Rider wasn't given much of a personality in Sonic Mania, the Sonic News Network describes her as being a daredevil with a penchant for extreme stunts. In The Legend of Fox the Brave, she loves riding around on her Motobug Jimmy, and is possibly the craziest of the Heavies. Like the others, she doesn't care for other lives, though the Rider's is more obvious, as


The Heavy Rider's past is unknown. In The Legend of Fox the Brave, she and her Motobug steed Jimmy made their debut when they pursued a patrol of warriors heading up to High Mountain City on a mission. The Heavy Rider had Jimmy zoom past the warriors several times, while taking swipes at them with her mace. They outmaneuvered her and made it into the city, however. Later, when the warriors were leaving High Mountain, the Heavy Rider set upon them again, but this time, Samu Komm knocked her aside with a swing from his tail, and she was forced to flee.


The Heavy Rider's sprite in Sonic Mania


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