Cquote1 Ha! You're just jealous that you couldn't catch these thugs while my Eggrobos did! Cquote2
Taunting the NCPD in his introduction, Unknown Story(cancelled)

The Heavy Gunner is a character briefly mentioned in The Legend of Fox the Brave. It is a Hard Boiled Heavy designed after a police officer originally intended to antagonize the New Ninjago City Police Department(NCPD) after a patrol from Lucky's Resistance comes to help them out. While genderless, it is referred to as male.


The Heavy Gunner retains its appearance from Sonic Mania and its Sonic Mania Plus add-on.


Though not given much of a personality in Sonic Mania, the Sonic News Network Wikia describes it as a bit of an oddball. In The Legend of Fox the Brave, the Heavy Gunner is shown to have a bit of an arrogant side to him. When he first appears in New Ninjago City to save some residents from some thugs, in front of the city's police department, he brags about it to the PD, and snidely remarks that they were "jealous" because he got to them before they did. Despite this, he has a strong loyalty to the Heavy King, just like his comrades.


The Heavy Gunner's past is unknown.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave

The Final Battle: While it does not appear, the Heavy Gunner is indirectly mentioned when the Hard Boiled Heavies are all seen offline after the battle.


"Well, if they were such bad police officers, it's no wonder they got themselves killed."
—Replying to Officer Chipper's worries, Unknown Story(cancelled)


The Heavy Gunner's sprite in Sonic Mania


Currently unknown

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