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Heavy & Bomb/

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Heavy and Bomb are characters whose first and only video game appearance is the Sega 32X game, Knuckles' Chaotix. The two of them are creations of Doctor Robotnik's, designed as his assistant robo-mechanics. Heavy, as his name implies, is slow and clunky, but makes up for it with his invincibility. While Bomb is the faster of the two, he explodes upon getting struck by an enemy, causing the player (or sometimes Badniks) to take damage in the process.

During the events of the game, Heavy and Bomb were sent to the Newtrogic High Zone's crane machine game as "dummy" prizes in order to slow Knuckles and the Chaotix down. According to themselves, however, they were mistreated by Dr. Robotnik, and wished to fight alongside the Chaotix to foil his plans. Whether or not they were telling the truth was never explained, as the two machines were never seen again after these events.

Heavy and Bomb were also featured in the Archie Comics, having designs that are vastly different from their video game counterparts.

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