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While Avalaine searches for the Huntsman's bases, Bidane was offered training by Razer, assuming his role as her personal trainer in an effort to help increase her pyrokinesis to its full potential. Additionally, these two might be able to discover a new, team-based ability, known as Elemental Link. If they are to take on against the Hunstmen, he must first help Bidane reach her full potential!



Part 1

Inside the training grounds with both Razer and Bidane, he turns himself around to face her. He was trained towards his near-full potential, but now it was his turn to train Bidane for her to reach full potential; and despite the fact that Bidane and her allies work for Eggman, they weren't so bad. Hopefully Eggman never found out about this alliance.

"Alright, before we begin, I want you to demonstrate your pyrokinesis to see what you're capable of. You can use some of your moves on me, and believe me, I'm very resilient to pyrokinesis." Razer instructed Bidane, further assuring her safety as, being pyrokinetic himself albeit in a much more advanced level, he is quite resistant to fire.

The leopard frowned a bit.

"Well... if you're sure," she said, turning her wrist a bit, as if warming it up; a small spark of fire danced at her fingers, and with a flick of the wrist, she hurled a small fireball at Razer. She certainly had a good level of control over her fire... just not any exceptional strength behind it.

Razer stood perfectly still, never dodging and the small fireball hit him. As expected, he is highly resistant to other pyrokinesis and was completely unharmed. Of course, this was due to Bidane's pyrokinesis being a much lower level. All he could do was nod.

"Good. Of course, we're gonna do something about your powers. Here, I'll show you my own move on a target." he said, soon turning his attention to the target, but to ensure she's paying attention. His visor goggles locks on to said target and soon opens up his hand; a baseball-sized fireball ignites and shortly afterwards, he hurls it with a swing of his arm, the fireball soon hitting its target.

And unlike Bidane's fireball, his own was much more powerful, and the target was disintegrated into ashes, which showed how Razer's own pyrokinesis was of a much higher level.

Bidane's eyes widened as Razer hurled the fireball at the training dummy, reducing it to a pile of ashes within seconds. Her own fireball would've likely done nothing but lightly singe the dummy...

"Impressive," she nodded, looking from the pile of ash back towards Razer. "How long did it take for you to become that strong?"

"Usually several months to perfect it, but in this case, it just requires a bit of practice for those fireballs to become more effective, with a bit of concentration as well." Razer answered, soon opening up his hand and forming a fireball, the same size as before.

"Wanna give it a shot for yourself and see?" He offered, willing to let her borrow his own fireball. She blinked.

"You mean... me taking that fireball you made...?"

That should be possible, right...?

Razer gave Bidane a nod, "Yeah. Just hold out your hand; the fireball I manifested shouldn't do any harm to you. You just gotta maintain your focus is all."

"Well... if you're sure," she said, reaching out to take the fireball from Razer.

Razer then placed his fireball onto her hand. The fireball now acts as Bidane's, which doesn't give her any harm.

"There. It now acts as your own. When you're done looking at it, just hurl it towards the target as hard as you can. And since you're a pyrokinetic like myself, you should be okay."

She nodded, looking over at the training dummy, before hurling the fireball that Razer had given to him like a pitcher hurling a baseball.

The fireball hits the training dummy, and just like his demonstration, the dummy was soon disintegrated into ashes. He gave a confident smile and gave her a nod of approval. "Nice one."

He soon points to the training dummy. "Now, try again using your own this time against that training dummy. This time, focus as hard as you can to make your attack as stronger than before."


Bidane looked at her hands, before taking a deep breath and closing her eyes. She flexed her fingers, as if stretching them, feeling the joints pop slightly. A spark of flame appeared in the left one, and she cradled it in both hands, eyes still closed.


Her fingers flexed again as she mentally focused on the fireball in her hands. She finally opened her eyes and hurled the fireball at the training dummy.

It was a direct hit. The dummy had disintegrated into ashes, just like the previous two dummies, with the third one having burned away. It seems Bidane's pyrokinesis is showing signs of improvements. And Razer's smile grew a bit wider, He didn't said anything, but he knew that Bidane had potential to grow stronger.

"Now, the next segment is a sparring match between you and me, Bidane. There will be a 30-minute timer so you have to push yourself to the fullest just to get you stronger. I won't go easy on you, but I'll do my best as to not hurt you. It's part of the training, and I want you to get strong." Razer advised Bidane.

And the 30-minute timer was displayed from the wall, and with little breaks, he's definitely gonna give her the endurance of her life, even if it'll leave them a few bruises and such; it's one way to help Bidane reach her potential.

"If you're sure," she said, rolling her shoulders and cracking her knuckles.

"Who should make the first move?"

Razer thumbed over to himself. "I am. Now, get ready!"

Once the timer starts, Razer lunged forward with his pyrokinesis at the ready. Even if he was attacking her, he's purposefully missing her, but ensuring for it to be close enough to test her strength, and then some too. She easily moved out of the way with a graceful motion; now at Razer's side, she aimed a sharp kick at his upper back.

The kick was well-executed, causing him to recoil forward, but easily shrugs off the pain as he has an acceptable amount of pain tolerance. His confident smile was unfazed, he knows he wanted to make her stronger, even if it'll leave both of them bruised and exhausted.

"Good. Let's see if you can handle this!" Razer took a deep breath and fired off a stream of flames at her. Outside, a pair of Egg Soldiers watches on in awe, watching the duo going at it with each other in a grueling, 30-minute sparring match.

Bidane easily leaped out of the way, doing a cartwheel and landing on her feet, before firing some small fireballs in Razer's direction. She may not be a powerful pyrokinetic right now, but she was certainly no slouch when it came to general combat.

He shielded himself with his arms, as to endure the small fireballs being hurled at him. They were small, but quite effective, which shows that she is slowly but surely improving. The fireballs, however, were mostly a distraction; she had immediately dashed up to Razer while he was still shielding with his arms, and attempted an axe kick. Razer acted fast by deflecting an axe kick, but it caused him to recoil back as a result. He could tell she was getting stronger with each passing minute.

And twenty-five minutes have passed, and it seems Bidane's strength had greatly improved over time, even if both of them were bruised and such, yet neither had stopped. Not even for a second either. Bidane seemed satisfied with the progress she had made; she was breathing rather heavily, but she had a smile on her face.

"How... was that?" she asked.

"Perfect. I think that should be enough." He waved at the Egg Soldiers as to stop the timer. They nodded and a buzzer is heard, signifying the sparring match had concluded.

"Mighty impressive, if I might say. Show me your pyrokinesis now, Bidane." He spoke; it certainly isn't just her overall strength that have improved, but so did her pyrokinesis, even if she was using combat for most of the time, but she has never forgotten the use of her pyrokinesis. And he too was catching his breath, looking rather battered and bruised, but it's how sparring works.

She nodded, cracking her knuckles, before igniting both of her hands in flame; the flames looked much stronger than they had been before the training began.

Razer whistled at this, upon seeing her flames having grown stronger. "Nice. What say we take a breather before we try out something even better?"

Bidane smiled and nodded as she evaporated the flames.

"Sounds good to me."

Part 2 (FINAL!)

Once the duo have recovered from their grueling training, Razer got himself up to his feet. He might still have time to train her before Avalaine eventually discovers the Hunstmen's base. He got himself up to his feet and began to explain to Bidane.

"Right. This third and final part will involve the use of a unique, team-based technique, known as Elemental Link. Basically, we link both of our powers and form into one, devastating attack. Like for example; water and wind creates typhoon, earth and fire creates lava, and earth and water creates mud. Of course, this requires a great amount of concentration, as any small distraction can prove dangerous if executed poorly." Razer finished explaining.

Bidane tilted her head to the side.

"I've never heard of Elemental Link before," she said, frowning a bit. "It sounds interesting, though..."

Razer nodded, and nodded the Egg Soldiers outside, as they brought up another training dummy in front of the duo inside.

"Here, let me show you." Razer said, positions himself on the left and opened his palm from the left as to take aim.

"Do like I did, but with your right arm to my left in order to execute this. Just follow my lead."

She tilted her head to the side a bit as he did this, but soon followed his lead, holding her right arm up parallel to his left with the hand outstretched.

"Like this?"

Razer gave a nod. "Yeah. Now, we have to both concentrate and focus our both attacks and combine them into one. You ready?"

Bidane nodded.

"Just don't burn down the training room, okay?" one of the Egg Soldiers huffed.

Razer took a deep breath, closing his eyes as to concentrate his pyrokinesis from the palm of his hand, with a flaming aura emerging from it, with the sights set on the larger training dummy. Bidane did the same, focusing on the dummy and closing her eyes, her flaming aura merging with Razer's, now.

Once the flame grew twice the size, he fires off a large shot at the dummy, which let out a sizable blast radius, which not only disintegrates the dummy into nothing, but also blasting the door right up against the wall. Miraculously, the training room was still intact, just not the door. The door suddenly being blasted off its hinges caused the Egg Soldier to leap out of the way with a curse. Bidane blinked.

"," she said. "That was certainly an attack..."

"Yeah... and it was all because I helped you get stronger too..." Razer spoke out in surprise.

"I think Avalaine might find out about this..."

"Well... at least we didn't burn down the training room," Bidane said, rubbing the back of her head.

"On the plus side, you're unharmed. Suppose the Elemental Link was a bit too powerful?" Razer asked, glances around as to survey the damage.

"It might be best to not use it in an enclosed space," Bidane mused. The Egg Soldier huffed, getting up and dusting himself off.

"Gee, ya think?"

Bidane couldn't help but smile sheepishly.

"Sorry, Jac," she said.

"Should we ah... head outside the training room? I think we completed our training." Razer conformed Bidane as to conclude the training amid the damages.

"That sounds like a good idea," Bidane agreed.

The duo exits the training room, albeit in a damaged state, as to get word to Avalaine.

This RP has been concluded.

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