Heat Blast is a powerful Fire-based technique, although the emphasis is on heat, rather than the fire itself.


The user forms and creates a compressed ball of heated air, which expands out as the heat builds. Finally, when the attack reaches it's critical point, the ball of faintly-orange tinted air is launched at the target, where it expands around them. For an organic target, this attack can be devastating as it forces their body to lose water, often resulting in a serious case of dehydration. The attack is also capable of weakening metallic armor to a fracturing point, but rarely reaches a heat capable of melting it.

In some cases, the heat of the attack is so great, it can burn the target without creating a flame to give it's use away.


Pokemon Users


Technique Rank

Due to the technique's destructive and dehydrating might, it bears an A-rank. However, some practitioners argue that it should be given an S-rank, or classed as a Scorch-elemental attack to hold that same rank.

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