The Heartless form of Frost the Hedgehog, one of The Trolls, and at the same time his counterpart from the separated universe created in the Heartless Saga.

Physical Appearance

Frost was the chosen host of a Warrior Heartless, which has in turn has altered his physical structure more than normal, with the slight musculature in his arms and torso bulking up, and even his height increasing until he was only just slightly shorter than a crocodile. His fur has darkened from his normal light-blue to a navy blue, while his quills have increased in length and size from normal to reach roughly half-way down his back, plus two errant quills which normally drape themselves over his shoulders. Some of the quills are marked in gold, the same as his wrists and ankles - all signs of his natural electrokinesis being brought to the forefront. As with most Heartless, his eyes have no true whites, and instead have black schlera and yellow irises. Even his voice has changed, shifting from his slightly-accented, relaxed tone to a deeper, darker tone.


Typically, both in and out of combat, Frost is clad in a black one-piece suit resembling a martial arts gi, with the specific markings such as a belt and lining showing up in gold.


First Arrival

Frost was one of the collected Trolls when Rageik returned from an interstellar journey with a Heartless advance team. As such, when Rageik gave the command, a warrior heartless possessed the young hedgehog, instantly transforming him from his normal self to the much bulkier, more threatening form the Heartless seemed to desire. As such, he was one of the first Heartless-possessed Mobians around.

Combat in Force

Frost's first action in his new Heartless-enhanced form was as part of the attack on Angel Island. As such, he was part of the second wave of the attack, behind the freshly-arrived Heartless. Indeed, it was his arrival that was partially responsible for the capture of Fiona Fox, who attempted to fight the brutally powerful hedgehog herself. She managed to strike him a handful of times with her whip before the Heartless simply generated a set of tendrils to bind her with, while a Heartless without a host possessed her. After that point, Frost's heartless form remained one of the big front-line fighters. It lasted that way for two years.

Separation of the Universe

In the final battle, while Heartless Phoenix and Heartless Dragoon duelled with PureChaos and DemonChaos, all four being fusions, Heartless Frost was one of the Heartless marching on Knothole, the base of the resistance from the start. It was on that path where the hulking behemoth encountered one of the Metal Defence Series of robots - mechanical soldiers constructed by Miles "Tails" Prower and Ronan the Fox based on technology developed by Dr. Eggman - Metal Shadow. Here, despite the Heartless form's massive amount of power, he was simply unable to defeat the mechanical hedgehog, whose speed and ability to use the Mega Coal that powered it to manipulate the Chaos Force to a mild degree easily allowed it to hold it's own against the powerful electrokinetic. However, due to the universal separation, it is not 100% clear what the end result of that battle was.

Back to Before

Due to the timeline alteration by the two fusions, which returned the timeline to just before the invasion two years before, although keeping the memories of the events as a "dream" in all involved, Frost retained his Heartless form, although he was now able to transform in and out from it whenever he wanted and was in full control. However, due to his typically support-based role, he rarely is seen in this form in combat.


In this transformation, Frost seems to have a replica of a genetic ability, the skill known as the Kirakogan Eye, or "Shining Eye" technique. When activated, the golden eyes of this transformation shine with a blinding light from within, blinding opponents and often causing them to cancel their planned attack due to an inability to aim. Understandably, this technique doesn't effect those who 'see' through other means, although the light can force some minds into an overload. It is unknown which family actually possesses this genetic ability, but it is known that it is not from Frost's bloodline, due to it's presence only in this form.

In this transformation, Frost retains all the powers he normally has (expert hand-to-hand combat, high-level electrokinesis & cryokinesis), although with some major differences. His electrokinesis is now his dominant power, and has increased in speed and power drastically, despite the addition of the extra overall power. This is his main combat skill. Following on from that is his Ice-manipulation, although his Heartless form takes it a step further and grants him control of Water as well. This improves his combat chances somewhat, with the ability to melt and freeze his attacks at will. He also seems to have unlocked geokinesis through an unknown means. He has also got the traditional Heartless traits of tendril formation and manipulation and immunities to most forms of unrefined darkness.

However, as with most Heartless-possessed Mobians, this transformation has a number of major weaknesses. For example, the Demon Suppression Technique used by Celestials, the Knuckles Clan, and a select number of Chaos Wielders can force the Heartless into dormancy, forcing the person out of the transformation. For the Heartless-controlled versions, there are techniques that can be employed to do more than simply suppress the Heartless, but actually force a fusion of the being and it's host, often resulting in a change in standard physical appearance in their base form, although not preventing access to this form. Finally, some Heartless have a weakness to their own species abilities, although this is a rarity.

Electric Abilities

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Stratos Abilities

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Ice Abilities

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Water Abilities

Earth Abilities

Elementless Abilities

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In this form, Frost goes from an anti-social tech-head to a silent, brooding sociopath. In his Heartless form, he speaks extremely little, the epitome of the "strong, silent type". However, in combat, it's almost like a switch is flicked from the muscular fighter's normally reserved stance and act, turning him from a slow-seeming piece of brawn to an instant threat in a blink. Merciless and blunt in his actions, during the Heartless Saga this form actually required a Command Heartless to control, otherwise he could spiral out of control. Since then, however, he has some control over his wild violence, although that control is minor.

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