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Cquote1 Tame the wild, Savowise, as they had tamed you. Cquote2
Quoted Najarv'sye in a surrealistic vision

"Hearken a Mask" is the fourteenth episode in the original web series Twenty-Four Days to Delusion. It was completed October 6, 2016 in courtesy of the Sonic Fanon Wikia.

Character Appearances

These may not be accurate, as of now. It has yet to be edited.

  • Savoice Allashar Demoy the Dhole
  • Uisas Agent Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen the Ragushara (a reference)
  • Dojyu Coffnaigh the Oiva
  • Ovil Ferah Unhod
  • Moderator Jola Ed-Nonon the Bull
  • Moderator Xanthub Fuge the Hedgehog (a mere reference)
  • Pelonis Itio Van the Otter
  • Lalovan Zedda Rova Wasyu the Pangolin
  • Interpreter Myaari Erchliy the Cat
  • Interpreter Zona Kon'effin the Mouse
  • Interpreter Wequt Derse Renin the Dog (a mere reference)
  • Interpreter Salmah Ogan the Wolf (a mere reference)
  • Interpreter Lovopian Azax the Rabbit


At the beginning, Savoice is questioning of his own sanity and how he comes to view the world around him. He translates what he knows about the Refuge Anthem in his own way and decided to take a walk around the facility. He runs into Finalizer Itio Van, which he receives an opportunity to one day go on a trip with Itio Van and Najarv'sye. Then, Savoice runs into Lovopian and learns more about the glass girl.

Savoice becomes more intrigued to figure out more about the Ovilian government and stops by the library to find some information about Najarv'sye. At the same time, he has a strange encounter with Lalovan. However, that did not stop him from doing what he came for. He began to plot against Najarv'sye and what he would end up doing for at the next meeting.

He comes in contact with Dagra at the cafeteria but uses the wrong words to have her angry with him. So, instead, he went to Zona Kon'effin and figured out much about the Ovilian government and their ways despite their tense encounters previously.

Eventually, Savoice goes back to his room and is swirled in thought about the situation of the matter itself. He was so much pulled in thought that he fell into his own visions of dreaming, which ended up becoming a component to his further investigation of Najarv'sye.

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