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Haze is a demon born and grown from bad and evil thoughts. Being hardhearted and ignorant at first he developed other emotions when meeting Silvia.


Haze doesn't really have a "real" appearance - being able to change his appearance he can be pretty much everything. Despite this he really likes to use a bat-like appearance. In his bat form he has very dark gray fur, a gray mouth and ears and dark gray hair.

Secret Freedom Fighter Outfit

Despite joining the Secret Freedom Fighters, Haze never puts on any uniform like the rest since he knows that he won't be recognized by nearly anyone. This is due to the fact that he was trapped inside one of the Emeralds.

Riders Outfit

In order to have less air resistance, Haze transforms his wings to a smaller version. Those wings are, unlike in his most used appearance, only attached to his back, instead of the side of his arms and tail. He doesn't have any clothing, however, he wears a pair of orange-brownish glasses on his forehead.


Before developing the ability to feel and love like a normal Mobian, Haze was pretty cocky and bold (which he still is). While he is clever he doesn't think much of his opponents. Even when there's great danger he stays relaxed most of the time, although he can be pretty fierce if someone hurts his loved ones.

Powers, Abilities & Skills

  • He can basically use himself as a weapon e.g. turning into something with sharp claws or teeth.
  • Haze once had scepter holding the Spectrum Emerald. It had a pointy end which he used as a spear.
  • He can also use dark matter if he has some sort of power source like Chaos Emeralds otherwise he needs to build up energy for iz.
  • It's nearly impossible to harm him with physical attacks or weapons.
  • Type: Fly


  • Due to his own arrogance it's likely for him to underestimate his opponent.
  • He can be harmed by different kind of magic spells or barriers that were cast to harm, stop or keep demons out.
    • Enchanted weapons be it a sword, bullets or something else can harm him as well.
  • He can be confined into emeralds if the other person knows the right words to exorcise him.
  • Scared of deep, dark waters, although he'd never tell that to anyone.




Born from negative energy Haze sent Mobius into crisis, killing and torturing people just to have fun. Wherever he went Mobians practically lived through hell. One day a group of chosen ones were supposed to track Haze down and confine him into one of the Chaos Emeralds but failed badly. None of them ever returned home. Haze, now more cautions decided to escape to another dimension, leaving behind an army of aggressive and deadly creatures which, however, were defeated by the Mobians.

Haze landed on a planet similar to Earth where he was captured by humans and used as energy source. When the creatures of that planet started a rebellion against the humans which eventually led to their defeat, Haze escaped and started recovering. In his wait he planned going back to Mobius but to have his revenge on the planet that kept him imprisoned he decided to find a successor that would ensure that the planet is ruled by death and destruction. He kidnapped a baby dragon named Cee and trained him to be a merciless and clever killer. When a small group of heroes, including Cee's brother Clipse set out to bring Cee back, Haze faced them and used his powers to create dark clones of some of them which served as commanders of his nightmarish army.

However, the heroes managed to defeat Cee and Haze in the end forcing Haze to escape back to Mobius. Several centuries had passed, since Haze left Mobius and at first he was able to spread fear and terror once again. But his rule didn't last long because his arrogance once again led to his defeat which ultimately led to his imprisonment in the Spectrum Emerald.

Fed by different other sources like Dark Gaia, Mephiles or Perfect Chaos, Haze managed to escape when Silvia touched the Emerald for the first time. Before he ran off he felt some weird kind of calm when seeing Silvia although he shrugged it off. Now it was Silvia's task to rid the world of him once and for all. When Haze visited Whitopia City he met Silvia again but this time he followed her her without her knowing. As she traveled across Moonflower Island to collect 3 of the Chaos Emeralds, that happened to be somewhere on the Island Haze never showed himself. For some reason he felt somehow attracted to the calm gray hedgehog although he would never have admitted this to anyone even himself which is the reason he didn't just simply kill her when he met her again in Whitopia City. Once Silvia found the third Emerald Haze pushed away all feelings that seemed to grow inside of him and took over the Emeralds including the Spectrum Emerald. He used their power to change history and make the island his kingdom. He offered Silvia to be his queen but she rejected and it came to a battle between them which eventually led to Silvia beating Haze because he hesitated to kill her when seeing her strong will to save her island and friends.

Since Silvia didn't want to kill Haze despite his crimes, she used the Spectrum Emerald's powers to take away all of his abilities and powers, leaving him in his bat-like look. But that wasn't the last Silvia has seen of him...

When Silvia left Moonflower Island in search of her brother Haze noticed this and followed her once again, although this proved to be a lot more difficult since he lost his powers to change his appearance. When Silvia traveled back in time to follow the route her brother used, Haze followed and finally showed himself to her after she temporarily joined the Secret Freedom Fighters in the past to get to know her brother. Both she and Haze made a great team, leading to Silvia slowly growing attached to him.

After some time, both of them returned to Moonflower Island to find the village where Silvia grew up being attacked by powerful creatures which Nova, the village's chief, recognized as so called "Judges". Silvia, Haze and the other villagers managed to defeat them, and Nova told Silvia that these creatures appeared only to bring balance to the world if there is too much good or evil, that wasn't supposed to be there. She instructed Silvia to got to the Northern Snow Zone to find a secret library and find a way to defeat the Judges since they would keep coming back.

The villagers also chased Haze off, remembering all the crimes he did. Haze, not much bothered by their hate accompanied Silvia just as he did before. On their way, however, Silvia was captured by a powerful dragon-like being called "Justice". Silvia was put in it's very core to serve as it's power-source but after some struggle, Haze and some of Silvia's friend managed to free Silvia. As thanks for his help, Silvia gave Haze his powers back.

Some time passed and finally the two of them reached the Northern Snow Zone. They were attacked by Judges but the commotion started an avalanche, trapping Silvia and Haze in the crack of a glacier. They started arguing about how to get out - Haze could've just turned himself into something else to get out or remove the snow, but both options would result in either Silvia getting crushed beneath more of the snow coming down or her death because the sub zero temperature since the other options would take too long. Because Silvia was already weakened by the fight and trying to keep her temperature up she couldn't lift the snow with her powers. Exhausted and annoyed she lay down, falling asleep. When Haze saw she was shaking from cold worry for her made him forget his annoyance. He lay down beside her, putting his wings around her to warm her. At the same time he send out a small bird made from his own void which brought back help in form of residents that lived near by. Haze knew Silvia wouldn't have let him because it was likely he was spotted and attacked but when their rescue party reached them, he quickly changed form to hide, leaving Silvia to wake up alone and being found.

to be continued


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