Hayden Enterprises
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Samuel Hayden (Chief of Staff)
Arthur Pendragon (Second-in-Command)


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Citadel (Main HQ)
Nexus (Diplomatic HQ)
Bellatorius (Military HQ)
Ark (Scientific HQ)


Eggman Empire (Trading Partner)


Infinity Organisation

Hayden Enterprises is a multiverseal organisation and a mercenary group that is advancing new technologies to hopefully explore outside of the Multiverse.

The organisation was formed by Samuel Hayden when he was 18 years old when he wishes to explore new worlds, and make new forms of advance technologies



The organisation was formed when Samuel turned 18 years of age, and left his father. When he was 15, he constructed a small-size starship called the Primitus. He had used this starship to travel across the Galaxy, and entered uncharted areas. He went into a region where no planets was capable of holdinf life, due to be being too cold, or too hot. Samuel entered the atmosphere of an freezing planet which he named Eos. When landed, he got into his Climate Gear, and started to investigate the surroundings. After getting good data, he set a data pylon, to which he can use to transport materials with the robots he had constructed that was made specifically for space transportation on a galactic scale.

Once all the materials was here, he had constructed a small colony base called Protogoi, and eventually, it was built in a rather large fortess with heavy defenses, security systems. He had a area where he was trying to make devices that would allow him to Terraform the entire planet.

After 3 years on the freezing planet, Samuel was able to successfully create the Terrforming Device, but it would only alter the area of at least 3000 meters. With this, he was able to make the area around the base a rather good environment, and was able to plant wildlife. This will be the first stage of getting the planet of Eos a habitable planet, and also claiming it for the Organisation.

Planetary Colonization & Recruitment

Samuel was able to colonize the freezing planet by having multiple HE Orbital Platforms and having his robots all over the planet, patrolling for any intruders. After an good connection to Mobius was established. He had broadcast a message to Mobius, stating recruitment of the Hayden Organisation, and those who will join, will visit a entire new planet. Due to potential scientific, and technological discoveries, most of the recruits where scientists, engineering. Then there are those who simply want to explore. He accept all of them, and had them ship to Eos. That is when the Organisation was able to become a fully functional organisation after multiple scientists was able to help create many Terraforming Devices and placed them all over the planet, including the atmosphere, and orbit. And with this effort Samuel was able to terroform the entire planet into a thriving habitual planet, and soon became the main HQ of the Organisation.

Creating the Citadel

Over the other side of the galaxy. Samuel was actually started a very very large operation of the construction an artificial world that would become the main HQ of the organisation. The construction actually started when Samuel was only 16, and had his father help in creating of over 1.2 million construction robots, and robotic soldiers as protectors. Since Samuel doesn't want it to take over, he created an device called the Time Dilation which causes the entire construction site to have it's time time "speed up". Meaning to them, the entire omniverse was going very slowly.

The construction was finish just after the colonization of the planet, Eos. With the largest artificial world in the galaxy. Eos became an civilian homeworld for the families of the Organisation, while the Citadel acts the same, it also acted as the main HQ of the Organisation branches. Including the military branch, the scientific branch and the diplomatic branch.

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