Cquote1 That sounds nice but...I kinda like being a Brawler... Cquote2
Hawke after Ages offers him a job.

Hawke the Falcon

Hawke the Falcon

Biographical Information
Age 19
  • Hawke
  • Falcon
  • Brawler
  • Mr.Hawke
Relatives N/A
Romantic Interest(s)  ???
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Falcon
Gender Male
  • Feathers: Purple
  • Eyes: Red
  • Hair: Purple
  • Brawler's outfit
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Hero, Mobian Mysteries Detective Agency
  • Iron Gauntlets
  • Strength
  • Intimidation
  • Hand to hand combat training
Other Information
Japanese V.A. TBA
American V.A. TBA
Theme Song(s) N/A
Original Creator Neoexlucky

Hawke is a 19 year old Falcon. He is a former memeber of the Brawler's guild, and fought many times in the pit, a tough arena where Brawlers fight other members of the guild for money. He quit the Brawler's guild after a murder that he was the prime suspect of. Though he was proven innocent the guild closed down and Hawke was offered a job by Ages Tranquil to go into the detective buisness with. He was created by NeoExlucky.


Hawke is a purple Flacon who normally wears a red and black striped hoodie with black pants and black and white shoes. He has abnormally long hair for a young man and normally wears it tied back. He has short purple wings that peak out on his back, though they are incapable of flight.


Hawke is very proud and isn't afraid to back down from a fight. He despises people threatening him and he loves getting into a good scrap. Normally he can be a fairly somber guy, who loves to hang out and have some fun. He sometimes can have a gambling problem and loves challenges. He sometimes has a habit of starting fights and can sometimes be a downer. Though he is loyal and headstrong and is a great friend to have when you need to get by someone.


A Brawler is Born

Hawke grew up in the wrong side of town. He was surrounded by violence and gangs during his youth and the idea of ending up in a gang at some point wasn't too far off from what could have happened. Hawke's parents weren't very rich and due to this Hawke didn't have that much. During this time he studied at a normal public school, made normal friends and at some point contemplated joining a gang.

However; during his time he met a kind young woman who introduced him to the Brawler's guild, a group of people who fought for money, but had many rules against murder. This was much easier to handle then joining a group of murderous people, so because of this; Hawke joined the guild. At first he was just someone who got the word around but soon he started fighting in the ring and became a great fighter.

The Brawler's Guild murder

After an offical arena battle that Hawke lost on his winning streak, he was framed for the murder of his former opponent. During this time he was taken into questioning and met with Ages Tranquil and Eileen the Bat, who questioned him about the murder. After a couple of hours, Ages and Eileen managed to prove that Hawke couldn't have possibly been the murderer and as such he was released from custody. He partnered up with Eileen and Ages temporarily so that he could help their investigation and they finally managed to find enough evidence to convict a murderer. Ages offered Hawke a job as his partner in the Mobian Mysteries Detective Agency though he turned it down due to wanting to continue as a brawler. However afterwards the Brawler's guild closed down due to bad publicity. Due to this Hawke didn't have anywhere to go and Ages offered him the same spot on his team which Hawke took this time.



Hawke has gone through years and years of training to become a Brawler. This training included excercises, running, and weight lifting. Due to this, Hawke has great strength and can lift many things.


Hawke can make himself look tough easily. As such, he can easily intimidate people that stand in his or in his allies way.

Hand to Hand Combat

Hawke got years of training in hand to hand combat. Fighting in the pit and in the arenas immensly helped his training. He certainly knows how to fight and he isn't that shabby at it either.



Punching anything that stands in his way is the one way that Hawke likes to do things. If it's a woman though, he will refuse to intimidate them or punch them if they do not deserve it. This can make some things a little more...complicated...


Snakes, why did it have to be snakes? Hawke has a slight fear of snakes, ever since he was a small child. He doesn't exactly know how to handle them or many other animals for that matter.

Natural Affinity

You ever hear of someone having a black thumb? Well, that someone would definetly be Hawke. Any plant that he tries to take care of dies almost immediately. Most animals don't do well with him either.



Ages Tranquil the Fox

Eileen the Bat








The Magician


"Hey, you not letting my friends pass buddy? You sure you don't want to rethink your steps there?"

"Hey, let's not do that."

"How about you let my friend go, and I pull off your head!"

"Breaking legs? Are you talking about me?"

"Ages, who is this guy?"

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