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Haus the Owl is a plague doctor who specializes in poisons. He is a demon that escaped from Hell in search of a better life and a way to reform himself. He became a doctor who loves to assist those in poor health and saved his own village.


General Appearance

Haus is a brooding Owl with a melancholy like appearence. He is fit and has a great build for athleticism. He has protruding tuffs of feathers appearing on his face like typical Eurasian Owls. His eyes are a goldish yellow in iris with pitch black pupils. His beak is short and just as pitch black as his eyes. His feather tone is black with some white patting as well as tan linings surrounding the white layers.


Haus is almost always seen in his doctoring attire. The attire consists of a black overcoat-hoodie that stretches past his knees, dark slacks that are covered in half by what seem to be dark knee high combat boots, and cut off gloves. Haus also wears what is assumed to be a plague mask along with a wide brittle brim hat.


Haus is an educated, patient owl. He does not mind listening to people and comes across as a very calm, compassionate owl. He listens keenly to what others tell him and is very docile in manner. Haus casually speaks at a calm, low tone. Haus does not like hostility and will try his best to keep it a minimum. As wise as Haus can be, he is very short spoken at the same time.

Haus is very observant and keeps tabs on an assortment of things. He is medically gifted as well and in combination with his observation skills, he makes his work as efficient as possible. He does not like to cause pain to his patients and if he needs to, he'll try his best to soothe them with melancholy melodies or supporting words.

Like normal beings have, Haus has delicate emotions. Though he listens to what people say, Haus takes great pride in his medical prowess but he does not flaunt nor push others away for disliking it, though it does indeed hurt him if they are insulted. Haus is capable of feeling and when angry or sad, the optimistic owl falls into peril rather easily. When angry, Haus doesn't throw tantrums or exchange banter, he tries to conceal what he feels. Though if need be, Haus will resort to combat if he feels his life is threatened. Though because of a moral code, Haus refuses to kill and often keeps his lethal syringes strong enough to sterilize an opponent.

Though he outwardly appears to be calm and collected, Haus is actually disappointed inside. He wishes for a world with no bitterness, disease, greed. His greatest dream is to bring people together in unity, and rid those who wish to destroy said peace. That and he has very low self-esteem, that is why he takes pride in the good things he does for others so easily. Haus also feels lonely in life and clings onto the little friends he has.


Birth of Flames

Born in one of the most hellish places on Azima, Haus (original name being Demiurge) was a spirit for a long duration of his life. He lived in the underworld (hell) since birth, which sector is not known even to himself. Demiurge was raised to hate, every very surrounding in his life was full of hatred and grief. Originally, Demiurge submitted to this society's customs.

Due to how harsh it was where he was raised, Demiurge had no choice but to learn how to defend himself. Since he was a demon spirit, he quickly learned how to fend others off with Luciferian martial arts and his natural talent to create black magic.

Soon things became clear to the old spirit Demiurge was becoming, he noticed he lacked a motive to fighting these "spirits" and got tired of defending himself for no reason. Fed up with all the fighting surrounding him, Demiurge began to preach words of wisdom and peace in such a corrupt land. This caused him to be nearly killed in spirit form.

A New Life of Redemption

While almost being assassinated, angelic beings swept in while an on going war took place between angels and demons. A rift was formed to link the worlds of heaven and hell, as well as the middle ground of Azima.

While trying to escape the death he had nearly been sentenced to, Demiurge jumped into the world of Azima. There began his life as an aimless spirit roaming the forests of Mavenland.

Scared beyond comprehension, Demiurge decided it was time to reform himself. He dropped his former demon habits and became a wondering spirit.

Originally dumbfounded by beauty and wholesomeness of the land, he quickly started to observe the life on that world. He loved the sight of the new creatures, he had been used to the demons and spirits for so long. He quickly began to take note of the animals he saw.

In particular, he found Owls to be truly magnificent, beautiful in structure and strong in appearance. Thus, Demiurge took the form of an owl. He spent his days in a new form and often wondered what to do with it.

As time passed, Demiurge decided that he needed a place to stay. After months of aimless adventuring, he had finally found himself a small village to stay in. Though he took the form of an owl and looked casual to the beings around him, he didn't have a name and was quite socially awkward. Demiurge also had a Gaelic/German accent.

Home Sweet Home

After becoming close to some villagers, they decided to nickname the odd owl Haus. He was nicknamed such a name because of his obsession with house structures and how he said them. Though he greatly appreciated his name, Haus knew he would need a more "advanced" name to surpass most things. He took the name of "Owen" as his first name, kept "Haus" as a middle name, and based his last name after chapels "Kappel".

Haus became accustom to the life and dropped his old demon-like habits. He came to like hospitality and medicinal care. He had a dream of helping others in his community. One time a rare disease appeared and it took the village by storm.

Haus was only inexperienced with his medical support but he studied the new disease heavily. Taking some altered doses of poison, he poised the sick patients. Though it was very risky, it seemed to have cured the patients of the awful disease. Many found his methods to be questionable, but others found him to be very useful in the field of medicinal support especially because of his natural methods of healing.

Haus was crowned the village's medic for a very long time. Thus he became known as a new medical design for himself, and his employees to use when in the field of medical assistance. He created a design similar to that of a vintage styled doctor back in his Spiritual days.

Unknown Tidings

Though things were going great for the melancholy Owl, he was not forgotten back in the underworld. Demons were sent for the Owl as soon as he departures into the "real" world, and thus have been following him around nearly all his life as a doctor/Owl. It took Haus a long time to realize that they had been following him, but once he did he had developed a secret way to fend them off. Haus ended up connecting himself to holier forces, and even altered his black magic abilities so that it would suit the field of demon slaying.

Thus, when the demons started to torment the innocent civilians, Haus was there to make sure they would not succeed in their objectives to rule the land and murder him and his people. So armed with the combat and spiritual prowess he had before, Haus became a demon hunting medic.

And so, he became the wicked doctor of Mavenland. Though, he departed from Mavenland as soon as his Owl Persona had become an adult. No one has heard of the Owl since.


Luciferian Martial Arts

Haus was born in the underworld as a spirit with no body. In this time, there was a war waging between demons and angels. Since Haus was in fact a demon, he had to learn how to fend for himself at these dark times. All demons went through a difficult training regiment that taught the Luciferian arts of combat. Haus was apart of the regiment and learned how to fight that way. He also learned how to channel the dark arts such as Black Magic and Necromancy. Since then, he's always kept this combat style locked deep in his mind only to be used in serious situations.

Medical Skills

Haus studied the medical field for a very long time with his time in the village. He learned how to preform surgery, cure diseases, and balance ailments. Since he is so calm and patient, his medical abilities were easily very appreciated. He even has his own methods of healing, some questionable, others very common. Though he may sound like an expert, he still has much to learn.



Haus is known to travel almost absurdly quickly. This is because of his ability to be a spirit at any given moment and return to his owl form. Thus he travels and disappears almost seamlessly fast. Haus is also known for teleporting at the sight of injury, he usually appears where pandemonia takes place. Though Haus can not teleport in the midst of battle, his teleportation is made for travel and disappearing when need be. Those that can see spirits can detect his presence before he teleports, or even when he's in spirit form.

Black Magic/Demonic Powers

Since Haus was originally a demon, he was born with said abilities. From his time in the regiment where he learned how to use these abilities, he greatly learned how to fend things off with his ability to control the dark forces. Haus has altered his powers of black magic and darkness so that it is Holier and more wholesome than evil and disruptive.


Cane of the Wicked

Haus is armed with his very own magical, yet plain cane. With it he channels his dark forces and beats down any unlucky foe who chooses to mess with the doctor. It is about three feet long and can extend. The cane is a mixture of steel and wood, though it seems weak and brittle it does a lot of damage and can be replaced rather quickly. Haus always carries spares in case his cane is broken.


Since Haus is a doctor, he commonly uses syringes in medical use. Though, what many do not know about the Owl is that he has his own personal combat syringes made for battle purposes. His syringes are formed with some of the most potent toxins being used. He has also altered their design so that it injects on impact. This is because he throws them like darts/Kunai. While they may not be killing blows, they should be strong enough to stagger his opponents.


Though Haus may seem powerful, he has an assortment of weaknesses that he'd rather not face.

Haus is weak to holy forces and photokinesis. Though he's altered his black magic to have mixture of light and dark being used, Photokinesis still heavily damages the Owl like crazy. It devastates him so badly because he is still a demon inside, regardless of his good deeds or behavior. It has always been a weakness since time can tell.

Haus' equipment is very brittle in most cases. Since he uses natural materials that come in abundance, they are not exactly suited for optimal battle. Haus is a pacifist at heart and does not intend to build very dangerous weaponry either. So his equipment can be destroyed very easily. Though something to keep in mind is that Haus is armed with countless replicas of his weapons that are easily stored in his medical bag.

There are many other things that torment this Owl in battle. One thing that can be used to the opponent's benefit is his hatred of losing the lives of the innocent. Though stereotypical, Haus cares dearly for his comrades and will often leave battle to attend to them regardless of the circumstances. Haus is also very gullible and will believe the things others say with little hesitation. Another weakness of his is to turn the people against him and reveal his secrets about being a demon, this shatters the Owl's very spirit.


  • Haus was born around September, he is considered to be a Virgo but he does have some lingering Libra traits.
  • His name is derived from a Left 4 Dead mod called Haus the Plague Doktor, this mod replaces the character's Francis and Nick with a plague doctor. And it was his name that was used to create my little Owl.
  • Haus is based on the doctors of the 1400s-1600s known as Plague Doctors. These doctors were hired to deal with the Black Plague which was so deadly at the time.
  • Haus is Right handed.
  • Haus' favorite colors are Black and White.
  • Unlike my other characters, Haus uses his talons to grasp and move things. He's mastered the art of standing on one foot while he carefully observes things with the other. This does not mean he doesn't use his hands.
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