The Haunted Ridge is a Location on Mobius, it is where the most Paranormal activity occurs.

Locations within the Haunted Ridge

Haunted Pillar

A Citadel that floats within the air, it has two sides, as the bottom is a reverse of the top side. The gravity here is unatural, the gravity is controlled by two Switches, each at the highest and lowest point of the Citadel. It belongs to Pintor the Nexus, but was abandoned long ago.

Pintor's Citadel

A Large Citadel owned by Pintor, it resides halfway on the ridge. A residence for many Spirits, it is sometimes the residence of the Hell's Hounds gang. The Citadel took 5,000 years to be completed due to its complex design, It is heavily armored and cannot be destroyed easily.


A large town at the bottom of the Ridge, with the only access point is through an elevator in Pintor's Citadel. It cannot be seen as a dense fog covers the Ridge above the town. the Town is home to supernatural beings, such as: Spirits, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, etc. It is where your worst fears are always walking the streets.

Dead World

A world located under The Hauned Ridge, Dead World is where all Creatures from the Ridge originated form. They came from here over 10,000 years ago.

History of the Haunted Ridge

Pintor the Nexus traveled back in time, to exactly 10,000 years ago. Ipon travelling the stars, he fell from space and crashed into Mobius, the force of the crash created a weak point between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and the crater that was left soon started to be filled with Monsters from the Dead World. The creatures soon started to create a small village, that eventually grew into Gravetown. Pintor later started construction on a Giant Citadel that would sit upon the edge of the Ridge. Along with the help fo five other beings (who later became known as the Stage Hands). The Citadel was completed five thousand years later, on the day the Citadel was completed (the same day Pintor crashed into the planet (October 31st)) The residents of Gravetown would hold a celebration, which became known as the Pumpkin Carnival, it is the day that they celebrate their god, a Being known as Pintoros the Artist of All, the same being who gave Pintor his Nexus Abilities (Pintor named himself after Pintoros). The Pumpkin Carnival is also the largest Celebration all year, as all of the Haunted Market Place is used as Carnival ground. Pintor is the Master of Ceremonies for the Pumpkin Carnival.

Location on Mobius

The Haunted Ridge is located in a huge circle of Pumpkin like mountains (the same from Knuckles Pumpkin Hill stage in SA2 and SA2B).

Outside the ring of Mountains, the closest town is Quandalka Village. A small village with three different locations close to it. The first of which is the River Basin. A large marshland area which a thick fog covering it all the time. The second is a small cave that leads to the Light house and Ferris the ferry driver, as the only way to reach Quandalka Village, is by passing a large body of water. The third is the Ocean Ruins. here a strange stone door lies, it was the only way into the Haunted Ridge at first, as later on Pintor created a tunnel that lead inside the Circle of Mountains, here was a road that one could take to reach the Citadel.

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