Hassan the Gluttonous Crocodile

Hassan the Gluttonous Crocodile

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Scales: Gray
  • Eyes: Yellow-green
  • Has started to develop two bone horns from his forehead
  • Dark green/woodlands camouflage hooded poncho
  • Dark blue armored vest
  • Black & dark green wristbands
  • Brown pants
  • Black leather boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Extreme physical strength
  • Heightened psychic potential
  • Highly skilled in geokinesis
  • High-density scales
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Hassan is notable for his physical size. Standing taller than most other crocodiles, his body is covered in grey scales; rather than the more typical green. However, not all of his bulk is pure muscle, as he carries substantial body weight from his gluttonous lifestyle.

Over time, it has been noted that his eyes have been changing from a normal green to a sharp; piercing yellow; and numerous other physical changes have started to occur, namely the protrusion of bone horns from his head, and the beginning of wing stubs on his back. This is perceived to be tied to his decision to make a deal with a demon to secure his power.


It is rare to see Hassan out of his military uniform, mostly because his superiors typically restrict his access to the outside world. As such, he is normally seen in the Kine Warriors' anti-armor uniform of a hooded woodland camouflage poncho over a dark blue armored vest, brown pants and black leather boots. Added to this are a set of brown and green wristbands. This uniform does little to disguise Hassan's changing physiology; but does at least make him seem like some subspecies of crocodile rather than a monster.


Currently; little is known about the crocodile known as Hassan the Glutton.

From Kine Warriors reports filed two years before the current time, Hassan was a fairly intelligent but overconfident psychic fighter, normally employed in support of his teammates but rarely in a frontline role. However, it was confirmed that he also sought permission to perform a psychic vision rite, attempting to glean information from the future, and as part of that he requested one of the ancient staves in Kine Warrior possession.

Evidence has come out since that the staff Hassan used was a prison for an unnamed Demon of Clan Promythia; one of the power-bringer clans. Instead of a vision rite, he broke the bindings on the being, and entered into a contract with it. After that point, Hassan has gained immense physical power... and a hunger for everything.


After he was granted powers by his "vision rite", Hassan has shot to one of the most powerful crocodiles seen on Mobius. His physical strength dwarfs many others of his species, though his bulky build does not provide any indication of that. In addition, his scales are hardened and reinforced with calcium, turning them that shade of pale green-grey; but rendering his body practically impenetrable by most regular weapons. With his physical prowess, Hassan has been seen tearing tanks in half with little more than his bare hands, while firearms seem to simply glance off his armored form.

Elementally, he is no slouch either. While already a well-trained psychic beforehand, Hassan's power in the psionic realm is vastly increased now. Typically employed in forms of hypnosis and mind domination, he can sway people to his side fairly easily just through staring at them with a slight psychic touch. Typically; displays of telekinesis are only employed in combat to redirect attacks his scales cannot stop; in most cases he'd rather use physical strength than mental to throw things. His sole element, Earth, is one that he is experienced with, but he rarely displays techniques out of the basics.

Hassan's weaknesses are more psychological than physical. His key issue is that constant need for things. As a glutton; he constantly hungers or desires things that he doesn't already possess, but he can never feel satisfied. His body is regarded as being both muscular and overweight due to his uncontrolled eating habits, while his home is full of junk that he has simply stockpiled in the belief it will make him happy; always to no avail. Indeed, the more he consumes and allows his gluttony to run rampant, the more monstrous and demonic his appearance seems to get. Due to this, the easiest ways to defeat Hassan are typically based around distraction and deception, rather than trying to best him in physical might.

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