Harvey the Hedgehog is a friend of Enna the Echidna and a member of Jacob's Legion.

Harvey the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Age18 (as of Book Three: The Invasion
Romantic InterestsEllenore the Hedgehog
Physical Description
  • Fur: Blue, w/ green quill-streaks & peach skin
  • Hair: Gray
  • Eyes: Green
  • Blue baseball cap
  • Black hooded jacket
  • Black gloves
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & EquipmentMotorcycle-towed Trebuchet
  • Possesses the genetic ability Final Sting
  • Powerful naturakinetic
  • Advanced combat - hand-to-hand
  • Skilled at mathematics
  • Trained mechanic
  • Inventive mind
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212 & Dana-Joy


A hedgehog of average height and weight, with a face weathered by his prolonged periods of time outdoors, Harvey has blue fur, with each of his seven quills streaked with green. His head has a layer of short gray hair atop it, to his embarrassment, while his eyes shine with great depth reflected in the green irises.


Harvey dresses the same as all other members of the legion's Beta Point base command staff, with a black hooded jacket, gloves, pants and shoes. Black clearly is a theme for Beta Point, a base set up on South Island, Harvey's ancestral home, which is also the storage and training point for the Legion's long-range units, including Harvey's own trebuchet. however, unlike the other command staff members, Harvey also wears a red baseball cap in an attempt to hide his gray hair.


Early Life

Harvey was born as one of twins to Liam and Tia Torst, the younger brothers of Lorilei. The twins were near-identical, with Giovanni sporting the largest difference, a small birthmark just to the upper right of his eye. As such, to those unfamiliar to the twins, it was near-impossible to tell them apart. The Torst Family was a well-known farming and political force in the area, with Liam known to be a little bit corrupt in his dealings with those outside the community. However, they had wealth, and power. Roughly two years after Giovanni and Harvey were born, a third baby boy was born - Norman. Of course, he didn't know it at the time, but as he grew older Harvey was quickly pushed from the spotlight by his siblings, all of whom were much more capable at farming and charming people than the young bookish hedgehog was. He tried his best at farming, but his true strong suit was maths. He was always solving equations, or designing catapults to trial his physics equations pratically.

Soon after turning thirteen, having finished hand-building his latest catapult, Harvey took it a step too far. He loaded the catapult by using his naturakinesis to convince some of the family plants to move and lift a large rock into the cradle, before launching it for a distance shot. In the process, the rock slammed into the car Lorilei was working underneath, forcing the heavy car off it's jacks on top of her. Luckily for the young hedgehog, both Giovanni and Liam had been nearby and had seen the rock, and managed to use their powers to hold the vehicle up until she got out from underneath. Oblivious to the accident, Harvey loaded a second rock, with this one smashing a hole in a grain silo, causing thousands of mobiums worth of wheat to begin to leak through. Enough was enough. Despite the rest of the family trying to stop him, Liam was fed up with Harvey's experiments, and simply ordered the teen to leave. Without any form of reluctance, Harvey did. Using the large catapult he had built, he simply loaded himself and used a vine to launch himself like a cannonball, his naturakinesis in use to make a ball of vines for him to safely land in.

Hard Years

The next three years were tough, but Harvey prevailed. His skin weathered extremes. He taught himself how to fight, and the naturakinesis he never had enough control over in a farm situation, he had perfect control over in combat. However, money and food was scarce, and for the most part, Harvey scrounged and stole what he needed. However, at the same time, some of the equipment he scavenged wasn't food, nor was it in any condition to sell. Using his self-taught skill at mechanics, he restored the individual parts to a working condition, but still didn't sell them. Instead, he began to build a new kind of catapult, one he had never tried before - a portable trebuchet, capable of folding up into a small trailer for a vehicle to tow. After three years, it was almost completed, and almost every dollar he wasn't using on food was going into saving for a motorbike to tow his creation. Small trials indicated fine-tuning, which was fine with him, and also a range much longer than he anticipated - roughly six hundred meters in an arc, allowing him to launch rocks and other ammunition over walls to hit targets with reasonable accuracy. Furthermore, it was capable of being turned on it's chassis, at least over a roughly thirty-degree arc, by a single person. As luck would have it, this weapon was noticed by a young echidna with goals of his own.

Joining Jacob's Legion

Soon enough, Harvey was contacted by the green echidna, who offered him a place in what he called "Jacob's Legion", an offshoot of the Dark Legion lead by himself, which was reconstructing after the Guardian destroyed his original base. His point was simple - he would acquire the motorbike, Harvey would start and command the artillery base. Amused by a small idea in his head, Harvey agreed on one condition - that this new "Beta Point" base be started on his home island. He explained his past to Jacob, who found the idea amusing enough to agree. Two weeks later, a shiny motorbike arrived for Harvey, who hooked it up to his trailer, and left for South Island once again. Quickly, he was gone. Already, he knew where Beta Point belonged - an old, secluded gulley nobody ever went near. Even on board the ferry, clad in black with hood up and cap on, he was nervous, but nobody from his community saw him, and he managed to reach his intended new home unharmed, with the bike and trailer dirtied but working properly. The basic base layout was there, with an easy-to-defend space at one end of the canyon, which itself provided a good practice range for artillery training. Sure enough, Jacob started sending technicians, who started assembling prefabricated buildings and construction facilities to build artillery, and Harvey was done. He had his own base, and should his family find him, they would be in for a nightmare.


Harvey has the Torst Family signature ability, Final Sting. When he approaches death in combat, he can launch a final attack, using all of his potential power into a single strike - a blast capable of overwhelming almost all targets, despite only being able to target one person.

Harvey is skilled over most ranges, although his power in close combat is a lot more threatening than his direct attacks over range, due to a habit of his to overthink his aim. However, it is rare for him to enter direct combat. Using his motorcycle-towed trebuchet, he can decimate stationary targets or infantry lines with heavy steel balls hurled at high speed from over half a kilometer away, an impressive feat for a child's creation. Harvey is insanely accurate with this trebuchet, a factor attributed to his skill in maths.

However, due to Final Sting, Harvey is extremely susceptible to concussive waves, such as the kind created by explosions and concussive blasts. Typically, these will be launched from beyond his line of sight, and because Final Sting involves him to see his target, it is negated as a factor.

Nature Abilities

Elementless Abilities


A studious young hedgehog, Harvey is always either tinkering with one of his beloved artillery pieces and catapults or solving complex formulas at his desk.

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