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"The most blooming city in Japan. It was a beautiful place surrounding
Harunasaki (春菜咲, Harunasaki) is a location part of The Four Season Stars, owned by Shin Tokyo.


Harunasaki was founded by Sabana Morishita in 2021, after the invasion of the Black Holes. Morishita was the daughter of a descendant of the shrine maiden when she was 5. Her mother, the empress of Okamijan, and Morishita found an abandoned massive ruins covered by burnt cherry blossoms surroundings, and a huge waterfall shallowing the green grass. The empress's henchmen traveled to Chun-nan to help reconstruct the whole ruins for an honor to the gods, giving as the symbol of spring.

True Divine Generation: Sonic Monster World X

The players goes to Harunasaki.


  • Harunasaki means "blooming greens of Spring, whether its alternated name Harunaisaki means "inside the blooming Spring".
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