This is an article about Harts Whyvern, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 01/13/2015.


Harts has an odd sort of get-up. A wrinkled Fuschia suit, a large purple knight's helmet that bears the symbol of Pisces on it, black metal emblems all over both the suit and hat resembling question marks, and white gloves with exclamation point-symbols on his fingers, as well as an emblem on the chest of his clothing (on that a symbol resembling a pendant can be seen.) Harts wears oddly-shaped black-tinted glasses with large black pieces resembling question marks on their side, which curve around his eyes, along with a purple and violet-striped piece on his chin resembling a fake straight-beard often seen on pharaoh-masks and costumes, curving inwards instead of resembling a question mark. He also has long white hair that stretches halfway down his body and large, gray dragonlike wings. His physique is rather tall and slender, with pale skin showing immense age.


Harts' personality is kind of hard to pin down exactly. With age it would seem as if he would grow to be either a stoic, wise legend or a deranged, short-sighted loon, but nobody can really tell for sure as he keeps switching things up when around people. Harts, in all truth, is simply acting the parts, having experienced them all firsthand in his extensive lifespan, having lasted longer than Crucite Civilizations do on average. Due to his excellence in this field, Harts is almost impossible to figure out first-time, making him an unexpectedly dangerous foe. One can tell that' Harts' not acting if he begins to compare life to performance, calling the world his stage and the people his (captive) audience.


From his long life, Harts had mastered in many bizarre skills. His main skills are that he is a master actor, being able to play any part emotionally perfect, and that he is an expert at philisophical discussions. He uses these in a combination to distract a target for a disgustingly long time, whittling them down mentally and making them question everything they believe in before coming in for the capture. In the rare cases that that doesn't work, he can probably use one of his many hypnosis techniques that he's learned over the years. Overall, his wisdom extends past even his age, so it's best not to try outsmarting him... or even challenging him to begin with.


Harts has a habit of sometimes going too deep into his acting, sometimes making him go on tangents and completely forget what he is doing until it's over. Although his hypnosis abilities are potent, he sometimes succumbs to them himself, though whatever type of hypnosis it is, it will simply put him to sleep. To sum it all up, Harts is not a fighter in any real sense, relying on campy stalling tactics to complete his goals, so if you can wade through his seemingly endless amount of tricks, that's when you get the chance to strike the hardest.

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