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Cquote1 And I thought all your girls sat around and let the men do all the work. Cquote2
Harmony's reply to a warrior's smart remark, Lucky's Quest

Harmony the Saber is a character who makes her debut in Lucky's Quest alongside Logan "Log" the Cat and his sister Lizzie "Blizzard" the Cat. She is a saber-tooth tiger from the Saber Pack who set off to find the Storm Fighters, later becoming one after a journey with Lucky, Logan, and Lizzie.



Harmony is a female Mobian saber a bit smaller than Fang(due to the visible differences in size between male and female sabers). She has amber eyes, yellow-orange fur(as opposed to Fang's grayish-orange) with white fur on her chin, throat, chest, and underbelly, and a stubby tail. Additionally, her fangs are about an inch shorter than Fang's


Despite her name, Harmony is a tomboy, easily able to hold her own against tough guys like Logan, and refuses to shirk against villains like Infinite and Finitevus. She also has a sharp tongue, proven when she fires back at an Alliance warrior for their smart remark about her.


Harmony's past is unknown, but she left her Pack at some point in time to find the Storm Fighters(partly because she knew a saber named Fang was one of them). During her quest, she found a young coyote pup named Lucky Smith, who had run away and was on a quest of his own, to find Finitevus(who had tricked him). Harmony accompanied him(under the impression Lucky simply wanted to find a way to impress his father), meeting two SlugTerra-born cats named Log and Blizzard(who are renamed Logan and Lizzie). When Lucky finds Finitevus and is convinced to go with him on his own, Harmony feels betrayed and angrily leaves, telling Logan and Lizzie to ditch the pup as well, stating that Lucky didn't need them anymore. However, when Lucky realizes Finitevus' true colors and flees, Harmony is convinced to help him by Logan when the cat hears his howls as he's being pursued.


Like all sabers, Harmony is quite large, and has incredible physical strength, seen when she is able to plow through Infinite's clones.




Lucky Smith

Harmony met Lucky when the coyote pup was on his personal quest to find Finitevus, and accompanied him-under the impression Lucky wanted to find a way to impress his adopted father Austin. When Harmony abandoned Lucky when Finitevus convinced the pup to leave his friends, it was shown that Harmony had come to like the pup, because she feels deeply betrayed, and argues with Logan against saving Lucky when he is pursued by Scourge.

Logan the Cat

Though Harmony thinks Logan is a Flopper-brained showoff, she quickly becomes good friends with her, and Lucky speculates she likes him because she found someone to argue with. Later, Logan is the one to convince Harmony to rescue Lucky when he is pursued by Scourge

Lizzie the Cat

Harmony and Lizzie were shown to be good friends, seen via her habit of teasing Lizzie. Harmony realized that she, Logan, and Lizzie have the same destination when Lizzie reveals that she and her brother are looking for their uncle.

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