Hardrock the Echidna is the only son of Leon the Lion and Sweetheart the Echidna and best friend and rival of Greg the Hedgidna.

Hardrock Blackmane

Biographical Information
  • Heartless Saga: 9
  • Post-Heartless Saga Gen I: 16
  • Post-Heartless Saga Gen II: 36
  • Hardrock Blackmane (Full name)
  • The Dark Prince (by Others who know him)
  • The Tough Guy (by Betty)
Romantic InterestsBetty the Hedgefox (future wife)
Physical Description
  • Fur: Black, with a dark tan muzzle
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Red sleeveless shirt
  • Faded black jeans
  • Red and black skate shoes
  • Gray fingerless gloves w/ knuckleblade holders
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Possesses Protogan Eyes
  • Skilled with techniques from most elements
  • Swordsmanship, specializing in two swords
  • Super-Strength
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Experienced hand-to-hand combatant
  • Breakdance and other forms of dance
  • Skilled at playing drums
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212 & SallyGirl


Hardrock has black fur and gray eyes with long dreadlocks and a very muscular frame. He has a dark tan muzzle, he wears a red sleeveless shirt with the words "Taste My Shadows!" written on it, faded black jeans, sandals and wears gray fingerless gloves with knuckleblade covers.


Hardrock's life was tough for him, his father regularly beat him and his mother and he was bullied in school, but his life changed when he met Greg and his mother left his father and got remarried. After all the hard things that happened in his childhood life, Hardrock finally found happiness at seven years old.

Heartless Invasion

It was then, at the age of seven, that reality fell apart at the seams for Hardrock. His step-father was taken by black beasts with golden eyes calling themselves Heartless. They slaughtered his mother while he watched, which was the final straw for Hardrock, who unleashed a massive, uncontrolled torrent of pure darkness into the beasts, which was enough to make a handful melt and the others flee. He then ran for his life, avoiding the Heartless and their hosts until he reached Greg and his family. It was then that Hardrock joined the Freedom Fighters Mk. II and started learning control of his Umbrakinesis. He faced his own stepfather and biological father in combat, defeating the two of them, but being unable to stop them from fleeing. He fought on, and continued through the war. After the timeline was shifted, it is believed that this version of Hardrock still fights the Heartless.

Post-Heartless Saga

After the Heartless Saga, his mother disappeared again, and it was believed by Greg's father Will that Leon had found her and dealt with her. Due to this, Hardrock became a bully, focusing on younger, weaker kids and girls like Betty the Hedgefox. He spied on her getting undressed a number of times, groping her breasts or flirting with her whenever he could. However, he admitted to Greg that he had a crush on her, but the way his father Leon had raised him made him violent in the way he showed love. He on the same team as Greg and Groove, hanging out with them when away from school, and has a rock band with another group of kids, where he plays drums. He misses his mum, but refuses to let anyone know just how much he does.


Hardrock is a fearsome fighter, descended from the Blackmane Family. Despite his father not teaching him how to use his Protogan Eyes, available from birth, his skill with this ocular ability is more than just impressive, it's downright astonishing. Through using his eyes, he has managed to copy techniques from all of the elements, despite his main skill being in Darkness - these techniques drain him more to use, but that fact does not put him off too much.

He is trained in combat with dual swords and also hand-to-hand combat, both of which he puts into use with feline reflexes from his father, and great strength he inherited from his mother. A long time after the war, he gets given a Starsword, which he uses to replace one of his two short swords in the fighting style, with the blade emerging at a wedding between his son's sweetheart and a Mobian revealed to be a Heartless, where the secondary healing effects were used to keep his teammates fighting the beasts.

His greatest combat weakness is overexertion through overuse of his Protogans and elemental techniques outside his specialty. Outside of combat, he is an experienced dancer and drummer, both of which he uses alongside his team, The Blue Knights.

Fire Abilities

Ice Abilities

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Hardrock has a very rough exterior, acting tough and posing like he's hardcore and gangster to the extreme, but for the most part, that's an act. Indeed, within he has a very warm, friendly persona that often competes with his bully image. He has an inability to show affection to people he cares greatly for due to his brutal upbringing and the loss of his mother in both worlds.

Friends and Foes

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  • Greg the Hedgidna - Hardrock has been best bud with Greg snice childhood, snice Greg was the only one who show him kindness and friendship.
  • Groove the Squirrel - Hardrock is somewhat annoy with Groove and wonder why Greg let him join the team. He often knocks Groove upside his head when he makes fun of Olive the Fox.





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