Hapless Hills is the second issue in the Terrible Luck Saga by Manta-bee. In this issue, Knuckles is hypnotized by Mort.

Plot summary

Hapless Hills begins with Sonic and Co. and Polly on a train heading for Meagerville, the location of their destination.

Upon arrival, when meeting Sann, they learn that they will have to help out with a job on a local hill, but as part of the deal, he will try to keep, their newly discovered nemesis, Lerich away. They agree to it, but only until Polly has found more of the parts to their plane so it can be fixed. They meet Sann's partner Ferris and a cheerful fellow named Tom.

Out of nowhere, Knuckles is tripped, then a bright light is flashed in front of him, causing him to temporary lose his sight and he is taken by Mort. When Knuckles returns, hours later, he acts and speaks very strangely, as if in a trance. The next day ,Mort wakes Knuckles, telling him to carry out certain tasks, which involve causing trouble or ridiculous things, but then becomes normal again when Tom says an unrecognized word. Knuckles says that he doesn't remember what happened between being tripped, losing his sight and the time he woke up. Mort flashes the light once again causing. This time though, Together, they go to the small building on the side. They knock on the door and an imp named Sabrina opens it. She is seemingly pleasant, and tells them to wait in the lobby. She also learns that Knuckles has been (and is being) hypnotized by Mort, who is one of Lerich's assistants.

Tails mentions that there usually is a word to hypnotize, as there is one to unhypnotize, so he tries to find out what it is.

The next day, they realize Knuckles is missing yet again but then find Ferris strapped to a log about to be pushed into a saw. Turns out, Mort has hypnotized Knuckles once more and told him to kill Ferris. They rush over to stop him. Tails learns the command word, and orders Knuckles to release Ferris, but Mort orders him to continue. Lerich, Mort and Sabrina arrive and the latter orders him to ignore his friends. Tails remembers, and says, the word with which unhypnotized Knuckles just in time. Amy then tries to confront Sabrina and Mort, when Sonic gets Sabrina's name wrong, Sabrina gets steamed to no end and throws a fit over her incorrectly pronounced name and she and Mort fall into the path of the buzz saw, killing them. They are caught by Lerich and Mort and Knuckles manages to set Ferris free. About that time, Polly returns and Sann arrives, the gang explains to them what has happened. By this time, Lerich has gotten away again. Some birds carrying rolls of paper fly by and they are promotional pamphlets for Majorka School of Magicry.


Amy: [to Sabrina and Mort] Just what were you thinking?!
Sonic: So not cool, Sonya.
Sabrina: What?!! That's not my name!!!
Sonic: Sorry, you just look like a "Sonya".
[Sabrina flips out and starts screaming]
(More on the way)


  • At the end, Majorka School of Magicry, which is the setting for the next story, lightly parodies the Harry Potter series.
  • Some fans think that Sonic calling Sabrina "Sonya" could refference Sonic Underground or the Sonic Archie Comics.

Chronological Info

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