This is an article about Hannah The Tiger, a character created by Marshall+skye4502 on 07/5/2015.


Hannah has purple eyes and blonde hair, which is very wispy. She has slight dimples when she smiles. She has black stripes all over her body even on her face.

She wears a blue shirt with a loose black dress jacket. her short skirt is white. When going to the beach she wears a blue bikini. when working out she wears a sports bra and tight pants


Hannah loves to flirt, mostly with Pippin after she met him. She tries her best not to seem like she doesn't care about others but some times finds her self doing just so. This gets her down. Pippin Always cheers her up with a few wisecracks and pranks.


Hannah mostly had a normal life.... until she was thrown off a building by Doctor Eggman! Luckily Pippin saved her. His Spider-hog mask had been torn so Hannah saw his face. Later she swore to never tell another person. Afterwards Pippin asked her out and they began dating.


Hannah is not the fastest cat on the block, but she's fast! Her favorite past time is seeing if she can keep up with Sonic. Or chasing Pippin while he swings though station square


Hannah is a skilled acrobat as well as a runner. She loves leaping and spinning though the air.


Hannah's greatest weaknesses is falling. Lucky for her Pippin is around to catch her when she falls. She is a normal tiger so most things can hurt her easily. If they can get her to slow down!


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