Hangku the Hedgehog: Advanced Warfare is the first game in the series, it stars a new hero by the name Hangku, a hedgehog trying to survive an apocylaptic and dystopian future in the country and city of Tokyo, Japan. Hangku encounters various team members and other survivours from around Tokyo to stop the evil that controls the world. This is a fanmade game by Williamcost and IsmaelMolina2016 . Hangku and Kudana star in this game. It also releases on February 16th 2018. 
Hangku the Hedgehog
Directors/Creative Designer
Williamcost and IsmaelMolina2016
Sega, Sonic Team
CryEngine, Havok Engine
Action, Platformer, Sci-Fi, Epic
Release Date
February 16th 2018
PEGI 12: (Violence, mature themes, bad language)
Single Player, Multiplayer, Co-Op, Online, Survival Mode

The game is an action-packed, platformer, epic game that delves into the apocalyptic future Hangku tries to survive in. It is being released on PS4, Xbox One, NX and PC.


Hangku, a fearless hedgehog, trying to survive in the wild and dystopian conditions of Tokyo, when a mysterious someone hacked into the nuclear system and initiated a nuclear warhead on Japan itself destroying all thier life as we know it. Only little survived such as Hangku who was brought to a Safe Zone by helicopter however this Safe Zone was soon raided by the "Lainks" and Hangku had to escape. Now that he's out and free, we follow Hangku through this dystopian world fighting the radiated creatures as well as trying to find new outposts. He eventually meets Kudana, and from then, his whole life changes.....

Hangku the Hedgehog: Advanced Warfare/Story

Its gonna be made soon...


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