Hang Castle is a location that was confirmed to be in The Legend of Fox the Brave. It is the birthplace and former home of Lerry the Bear and his team of Pokemon prior to the young black bear's decision to leave following the death of his mentor and old friend Stubbs the Saber. Like the actual Sonic Heroes stage, it surrounds the mysterious and aptly named Mystic Mansion, which no Mobian enters.

Hang Castle




Various Ghost and Dark Type Pokemon live there, but the author has confirmed that other Pokemon as well as various Mobians live in the castle as well. The other Pokemon and Mobians that live there often choose to live alone. The exceptions to this are Lerry, who was taken care of by Stubbs following the deaths of the former's parents, and Lerry's Pokemon team.


Unknown. It is known to be the birthplace of the young Storm Fighter Lerry the Bear, as well as the final resting place of the former Saber Pack warrior Stubbs, who moved there following an avalanche that separated him from his brother and Packmates. At some point in time, Metal Sonic attacked, resulting in Lerry's Charmeleon Riza evolving and the death of Stubbs. This is what prompted Lerry to leave and seek out the Storm Fighters.

Notable Areas

A notable area is the aptly named Mystic Mansion, situated at the heart of the spooky castle. Rife with Ghost-Type Pokemon and strange pumpkin-headed ghosts, only the bravest souls enter, but few leave, and those that do come out a rambling mess.


It is the first Sonic Heroes location to be confirmed for the series, the second being Grand Metropolis.

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