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Hammerforge Industries is one of the largest military equipment providers and research corporations in the known multiverse, headed by Ronan the Fox. With it's head laboratories in Col'nesia, and affiliated labs in a variety of different locations, gear from Hammerforge Industries is often regarded as the most well-designed and powerful equipment for sale.

Hammerforge Industries

Organizational Information
LeaderRonan the Fox
Primary Locations
Primary Roles
  • Military equipment production
  • Military research
  • Military vehicle production
  • Civilian vehicle production
  • Civilian equipment production
Notable Products
Notable Members
Political Information
Other Information
Original CreatorGrim690 & Flashfire212


Hammerforge Industries has it's roots in the Technomage organizations of the Demon-Celestial War, with the Windrine Family, the Technomage family that originally settled on Col'nesia, starting it up soon after the Demons attacked and started to kill off Technomages in Mobius. For millenia, Hammerforge provided equipment and technology to the Democratic Republic of Col'nesia for their regular wars against residents of Jung'anos, a jungle-based Technomage world, where Hammerforge's greatest competitor, the Anvil Corporation, is located.

However, at around the same time as the start of the Eggman War in Mobius, the Col'nesian Dr. Eggman began his assault, kidnapping the heir to the Hammerforge fortune, Ronan Windrine. Hammerforge immediately began to develop better technology to cope with Eggman, but once Ronan escaped, implanted with a monstrous amount of power and four inhibitor gates to keep it restrained, Hammerforge could not only study those gates, but use Ronan's intelligence and his first-hand experience with Eggman's technology to build counters, which won the war for the DPC, causing Eggman to "hatch" and become Chicken Man. From there, Hammerforge Industries, now in Ronan's capable hands, broke it's insular traditions and began to sell it's technology to groups from other dimensions.


The primary Hammerforge Industries head laboratory & construction site is in the Col'nesian Snow Plains, which allows them to also possess a multiversal access portal, and a port for transport shuttles, of the inter-dimensional and interstellar kinds. The facility processes ores and plastics, and contains the main vehicle construction bays for all kinds of vehicles, as well as Ronan's personal laboratories, and the testing facility containing Chicken Man.

There is also a notable dry dock on the Frozen Ocean, where Hammerforge constructs & refurbishes navel vessels, despite the ocean being frozen almost 11 months out of 12. Aside for this, there is also Hammerforge laboratories in most Col'nesian cities. There are also orbital facilities where larger starships are constructed.

In Mobius, Hammerforge has two small construction facilities, one in Westopolis and the other in New Mobotropolis, each capable of producing a wide array of weapons and light vehicles for Mobian purchase.


Hammerforge Industries uses two forms of security. The primary form of defense is a system of robotic units, designed specifically for "the removal of threats". These range from small, unassuming robots like a Willo'Wisp, to a large, heavily armed drone tank walker, which typically makes even a standard soldier look tiny. These units are only stationed without organic support at high-risk bases in Mobius, and outposts in other, less "tame" universes.

The Col'nesian bases, on the other hand, utilize the Col'nesian Army as guards alongside the drone defenses, with another advantage being that a lot of Hammerforge technicians and scientists are also trained in firearms, with most capable of hitting a target with pistols, while some of the technicians that work closely with Ronan are also trained in melee weapons, mostly as his sparring partners. This arrangement makes it almost impossible to tell if the base is subdued.

In Mobius, due to Hammerforge being watched closely, G.U.N. soldiers are used as base defenses, and the technicians aren't combat trained, although the drones are often slightly more prevalent.


Hammerforge has a peculiar system of naming items, especially vehicles. Technology in the design phase has a mostly numerical designation, for example, 4-10 or 6-51X. These only last until a design is settled upon, following which a prototype is constructed and given a letter classification, creating something like T-63 or F-231A. Finally, the prototype is analyzed by one of the head designers, or Ronan himself, before being given a fancier name in order to create buyer interest, while losing the classification.

Note: This list is continually being added to as Hammerforge's exact product range is revealed.

Civilian Technology




Land Vehicles
Naval Vessels





Misc. Items

Military Technology


Fixed Weapon
Infantry Weapons
Vehicle-Mounted Weapons
Ammunition & Grenades

Battle Armor


Support Units
Naval Vessels
Space Stations


  • Vorstec Portal


  • Cyber Core - A nanite-storage unit to be fitted to any Hammerforge military item larger than a firearm, which passes on unique effects depending on the core's programming.
  • Razor-type Armor Dash Unit



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