Hammer Arm is a powerful fighting technique.


The user charges energy into their arm, and then bring their arm down on the opponent with shattering force, capable of crushing opponents. However, use of this move slows down the user with each hit.


Pokemon Users

  • Zozeon the Electivire (belongs to Ryu)
  • Kolblitz the Magmortar (belongs to Ryu)
  • Brynja the Aggron (belongs to Ryu)
  • Gigaroth the Rhyperior (belongs to Ryu)
  • Sandy the Sandelstrom (belongs to Ryu)
  • Tristella Tse'Elon (Mobianised Mienshao)
  • Ontager Fisk (Mobianized Ursaring)


  • None as of yet

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