Halo Attack is an attack used to take full advantage of inhibitor rings. As such, all users specifically have Inhibitor Rings.

The users starts by ripping off their inhibitor rings, opening up their natural floodgates, allowing them to use any power held back by said rings. He/She then follows by throwing the rings at the opponent like discs or using them as blades. If the former, the user then follows up by attack the target, in either the form of a greatly buffed physical technique such as a spindash, or a deadly mid-long skill such as an energy beam or throwing weapon. After the attack, the user's thrown rings, whether they hit the opponent or not, boomerang back to the user, where they may re-equip them or use them again.

Most other objects similar in nature cannot be used for this attack, as they do not have the right dimensions and dynamics.

This also has a very dangerous drawback. If the opponent manages to hit the thrown rings, they will not return to the user, and must be retreived manually. This may cause the user to lose power too fast, putting them in a helpless state,  faint, or even die from power loss, as with happened with Turbo after Hozukimaru stopped the attack.


Turbo the Chaos Hedgedragon (inventor)

Shadow the Hedgehog


Turbo invented this on the fly when battling Hozukimaru. Due to the fact that he was badly injured from a battle he finished 3 minutes ago. The attack was ineffective however, as Hozukimaru accidently (although it worked in his favor) revealed this attacks major flaw. 

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