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Hali the Hedgehog
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Cquote1.png My sister may be the embodiment of darkness, but I am the light-bringer. Please allow me and my sister to assist you in battle for good. Cquote2.png
Hali the Hedgehog

Hali the Hedgehog is a Mobian hedgehog born in Space Colony ARK alongside her sister. Unlike Shima, however, Hali was actually born a Mobian, shortly before her mother's death. She is also the younger sister of Shima the Hedgehog.



After Shima was born (or artificially created by her father Xilax, using his own DNA), Hali was soon born in the ARK, though her mother succumbed to an unknown illness, leaving Xilax grieving over the loss of his wife. Of course, Shima stepped in and provided assistance by raising her younger sister without her father stressing out too much. Xilax happily obliged despite his anguished emotions.

Over time, Hali developed a strong bond with Shima and the two were always together in adventures, even on dangerous ones too.


Hali consists of having white fur with black streaks around the tips of her quills, while the quills themselves are pretty short in itself. Her dress is elegant, with various, vibrant colors, with white/black heels to go for. Her gloves are white, and also wears gold bracelets around her wrists, which are also a power source for solarkinesis. Her heels do not seem to impede her running or walking, even on an uneven terrain. Her eyes are also red in color, much like Shima's.


At best, Hali is shy and cautious around new people and can take a while for her to warm herself up. Nevertheless, she is quite compassionate, kind and honest those who truly need help. Still, she's usually the first to speak as Shima is reluctant to talk first. While brave, she never loses her temper even in volatile situations.

Still, despite her kind nature, Hali is quite protective towards her friends and her sister, and isn't defenseless. She also loves nature, especially by tending gardens as well. Though not revealed, Hali is bisexual, taking interest of both genders if given the chance.

She isn't very bright when it comes to venturing through rough terrain and is very conscious of her outfits. And whatever adventure she goes along with Shima that involves getting dirty will result in her getting obviously fussy because too often she will forget to wear the appropriate clothing if it means risking getting her outfits ruined.


While kind-hearted in nature, she is anything but helpless. In fact, she can easily display a sense of bravery when it comes to encountering foes and can put her solarkinesis to good use. She is very mindful when using this power alongside Shima, but with adept mastery, she can easily use her powers without too much issue. She can also cast a claymore sword with the use of her solarkinesis to its full potential.

She isn't fast, but is reasonably agile in avoiding incoming attacks, with grace as well. In addition, light source, mainly from the sun, can greatly enhance her powers.


Hali isn't considerably strong and doesn't deal well against stronger, heavier foes and depends on her sister to combat this. She also can't swim very well without drowning alongside Shima. Additionally, her broadsword has a limited use and can dissipate after a while, and using it too frequently can easily drain her strength, rendering her vulnerable.

She is also vegan, and eating meat, even when cooked, can get her sick and suffer a stomach bug, thus leaving her out of action for a few days. While she loves plants, she is very wary of poisonous kinds and avoids them anyway she can.



  • Xilax the Hedgehog - Although intimidating at first, Xilax deeply cared for their daughters, and both return the favor. Despite that Xilax would be a villain, he is far more protective and caring beneath his villainous behavior.
  • Shima the Hedgehog - Her older sister, in which she deeply cares about.





  • In contrast to Shima, Hali is considered to be the embodiment of light.

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