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Halestorm is a very tall and skinny vampire sable, who has black hair,grey fur, and purple eyes (that turns red when he becomes a vampire


Halestorm is the type of guy you don't want to mess with. He can get angry VERY easily. he's also a bad boy towards his girlfriend Suzen


(Author's note: I am aware this is bad i will change it if there's any issues)

When Halestorm was 5 he was playing with his toys until his sister came in. His sister, Amelia, gave Halestorm a gentle little hug apologizing to him about how their father has treated him. Halestorm, being a sweet little boy that he is hugged his sister back. "It's okay sissy! it's not your fault!!!" Halestorm told his sister with a smile on his face. As they both hugged, their father came in shocked to see his so called "evil" child hugging his older sister. "HALESTORM!" yelled Halestorm's father as he takes Halestorm away from his sister."DAD!!! stop!! put him dow-" but Amelia was interrupted with her father's death glare as he walked off with Halestorm in his arms. "P-Papa...!! w-what are you doing!?" Halestorm yelled at his father."you'll be punished for getting near your sister for the 3rd time!!!" His father yelled in response. 10 minutes later, Halestorm's father opened the cellar door and goes down stairs holding Halestorm in his arms. "time for your brutal punishment for getting near your sister." He said as he forced Halestorm on the ground and started to beat Halestorm up, giving him a bloody nose,scar on cheek, and a black eye. after about 6 minutes of torture, Halestorm's father turns to his now beaten brutally son as he says "You will stay in this cellar for a long time..." "w-why papa...?" Halestorm said with tears on his eyes. without looking at his son, his father said "because you are an evil child Halestorm,we can't let you near your older sister." Halestorm whimpered as his father shuts the cellar door and keeps it locked so Halestorm can't get out. Halestorm was all alone in the cellar, cold.......he had nothing to eat or drink for the whole day. 10 years later, Halestorm was in the corner shivering and still hungry after eating his bread as he calls out for help. suddenly, someone has heard his cries for help as they smashed the window near Halestorm.  Halestorm turned to see a female in front of him with her hand out. "come with me....i will take care of you..." the female said. Halestorm puts his hand on her hand as he slowly gets up from the cold hard ground. "The name's Suzen" the female said to Halestorm as she snucked out the window with Halestorm. "m-my name is Halestorm, and i was abused by my own father for being near my sister....." feeling bad for Halestorm, Suzen gave the poor sable a hug. this was the start of a beautiful relationship.


  • super sense,smell, and hearing
  • different types of fighting
  • has telepathy
  • can fly without wings


Halestorm is weak against stakes,garlic,decapitation,and being abused by others


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