Haul Ceinwen-Dai, known to the people of Needlemount Citadel as Hal Kennedy, is a Sand Monk: a believer in Sandity gifted with Ammokinesis (the ability to move sand from a distance). The seventeen-year-old hedgehog-echidna hybrid hails from Palas Golau, beyond the borders of the Imperium.


As a fairly average hedgehog-echidna hybrid, Hal doesn't stand out in places where such hybrids are common. Hal's fur is such a dark blue as to be often mistaken for black, and the tips of his quills are yellow. His skin is fair, but tends to tan when he has prolonged exposure to sunlight. His eyes are a brighter blue than his fur, close to ultramarine. Altogether, his color scheme is reminiscent of lapis lazuli.

Hal generally wears the standard attire of Sand Monks everywhere: rough-spun brown robes and leather sandals. In addition, he wears a string of small spherical aquamarine beads from which hangs a tumbled-smooth piece of sandstone, the traditional ornament of a Sand Monk serving outside of Palas Golau.


Hal was born in a fairly prosperous but unremarkable trading post in Twyod Fawrion to Ceinwen, a hedgehog, and Dai, an echidna. Both of his parents were well-integrated into Palas Golau's predominantly-porcupine society, their ancestors having come there beyond living memory.

When he was eight years old, Hal's family relocated to Brifddinas, the region's biggest city and the location of the True Monastery, and young Hal entered the service of the Monastery of the Sands. For the next six years he lived and studied to become a Sand Monk, then underwent his final test: two years of patrolling and defending Tywod Bychan. At sixteen, Hal earned his status as a fully-fledged Monk, and was assigned to the Monastery in Needlemount Citadel, the Imperium's imposing capitol city.


Hal has the power of Ammokinesis, a specialized variant of Geokinesis. He can manipulate particles individually or en masse, but, unlike many other Geokinetics, he actually finds it a great deal harder to move solid hunks of rock.


Six years of rigorous quasi-military education and two years on the front lines taught Hal a lot about combat. At the most basic, he became better than his average peer at hand-to-hand fighting. He also mastered that staple of the Sand Monk on home ground, the sandstorm (whirling sand is always a safe bet to disorient the enemy).

Hal's personal favorite technique generally requires that he be at the location where the battle will happen shortly before it actually does, although when pressed he can often improvise. His signature traps drop enemies into pits as he stops levitating the surface sand over areas he has hollowed out, or – on one notable occasion – sent them tumbling into a system of painstakingly carved vents which blew natural gas from a nearby reservoir at the unfortunate enemies, serving the dual purpose of making it hard for them to breathe and pushing them under an overhang of sand which Hal promptly dropped on their heads.

Some other things Hal has learned as a Sand Monk include situational awareness, punctuality, and obedience to those appointed above him in the chain of command.


Hal's Ammokinesis utterly fails against water, and greatly struggles to affect anything wet. In addition, he neither carries nor knows how to use any type of weapon. Caught in the rain with a gun pointed at him, Hal would be just as vulnerable as any normal person.

Fun Facts

Hal's real name, his parents' names, and all the place names in the Sandlands come from Welsh. (A preemptive apology to anyone reading this who speaks Welsh, if I got anything wrong – please, don't hesitate to correct me. I picked Welsh because it sounds beautiful, and because I was able to find Welsh names which could be anglicized into "Hal Kennedy".)

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