Hailey is a brown and sand hedgehog and a member of the Galaxy warriors. She is somewhat like camelot's sister and enjoys doing stuff.


Hailey was seen in a Hedgehog egg when she was born. When the egg hatched, Hailey was born and she was adopted. Then she enjoyed her family. Until one day she and Camelot had met and decided to go in and sneak to look at the pure soul.

Camelot said it wasn't a good idea, but then Hailey touched it. She then went insane and went on a carnage. Then when camelot's parents heard about this, they chained up Hailey and called her parents. They noticed that they chained Hailey and called them.

They then got into an arguement between Camelot and hailey's safety. Then they were separated. When Camelot had finally ran away after the hexwing attack, they reunited again.


Hailey is brown-tan mixed together and orange clothes.


Hailey is somewhat really energetic (more energetic than Camelot according to King steam), Nice and playful. She could be really curious at times and never listens to anyone who tells her what she can't do.

She's even quick to anger and attacks anyone who messes with her and her team.


"Yeah! Hedgehog and puffball!"

"Hey, Camelot. Isn't that the pure soul?"

"Well, we could tell them that we never touched it."

"Look, sir Kirby. i'm sorry."

"I promise I'll never do it again."

"What?! Me and Camelot can't be together!? No!!"

"Sorry, Camelot. I tried."

"Camelot! We've reunited!"

"Wait. Me and camelot!? Yes!!"

"So, who should we find?"

"Oh yeah. The cloaked one. Yes, of course."

"Give it up, mysterious man!!"


"Yeah! He was an orca who we know since back in may!!"


Queen ivy says that Hailey is Canadian, but Hailey proved her wrong that she was Brazilian by showing her birth certificate.

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