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Hack the Cat is a neon-green and green recolor of Big the Cat.


Unlike Big, Hack is extremely intelligent, but also incredibly nerdy. He talks using long, complicated, hard-to-use words and computer phrases. Also unlike Big, Hack is quite cowardly, and is usually the first to run from a face-to-face fight. He also hates being in contact with the real world and real people, preferring to find a dark, secluded location and escape into his computer. While by no means exactly "malicious", Hack has little sense of right and wrong, as a personal hobby of his is to hack into anything and everything, from an online diary to a government database. Despite his nerdiness and appearance, Hack is also able to get along quite well with females (much to the envy and disgust of Toxic), but doesn't make much of it, due to his preference to avoid real-world interaction. Hack also has a bad habit of entering fits of coughing, the intensity of which tends to vary.


Hack is a recolor of Big. The purple of his body is an electric/neon-green, while the stripes of his body are drak green. His muzzle and chest remain white. Unlike Big, he always carries around a laptop in a bag, and wears a pair of hi-tech goggles.


Hack is super-intelligent, on par with Eggman and Tails. However, this intelligence extends only to computers, digital machinery, and data. Despite his size and being a recolor of Big, he does not have the same strength, and is actually fairly weak physically. However, he does have Big's extreme physical endurance.

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