Hachiman Shin-Ha
Hachi the Rabbit detoversion
Exact birth date unknown
Endurance, agility, strength, access to Rage Gene
Soren the Hybrid, Dragon Lord Araki, Demonic Legions, Armies of Hell, Sanguine
Kenpachi (father), Kaede (mother), Soren (son), Hincho (son)
Their body, Sword of Hachiman (Katana), their mechanical arm
"I may be short, but I can still kick demon ass!"
"Some call me a demonslayer, some call me a threat that needs to be eradicated, some call me a menace. I call myself Hachi."

Hachiman Shin-Ha, or most commonly referred to as Hachi, is a rabbit born under the clan of Shin-Ha, located somewhere within Japan, and is known for their courageous acts of demon slaying. Also, they are the first carrier of the Rage Gene. Their goal in life is to slay as many demons as they can while they hunt for the demonic dragon, Lord Araki, who was responsible for the destruction of their clan and for nearly killing Hachi when they were younger, causing them to gain mechanical parts.

A rather outgoing soul a majority of the time, at other times they are rather cold or ignorant, often with a no-hope style of personality. When in battle, they're dead serious and do not joke around, and can be extremely violent at times, due to being fueled with rage and hatred for demonkind. Their hate for demons and their persistence to fight is what has kept them going throughout their life, coming back from the grave several times just to keep on fighting and fulfill their goal of destroying the demon responsible for their clan's death.

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Hachi stands at 160 centimeters in height, with blue hair that reaches their back. They have light blue fur covering their body, and a large fluffy chest, covered in blue tints the same colour as their hair. They are not very muscular, due to the fact that most of their body was either regrown or replaced with machinery, and they possess a noticeable mechanical left arm, and a mechanical left eye which is indicated by the red iris and yellow pupil. They have a crescent-shaped red scar on their side, gained when they were younger. They have long floppy ears, like a normal rabbit, and possesses a short tail.

In clothes, Hachi usually only wears a pair of trousers, which can vary from dark blue to purple from time to time. They can also sometimes be seen wearing an old golden ring acting as a band in their hair, which would tie their ears in a sort of knot, although they hardly use this anymore as they are no longer a Samurai trainee.


Early Life

Young Hachi

Hachi at a young age

Hachiman Shin-Ha was born to a wealthy Japanese clan warlord, Kenpachi, and a beautiful maiden who practiced magic, Kaede. Hachi was introduced to a world of riches and indulgence, for a time. After a few years, they saw their older brother, Chinokawa, for the first time. Chinokawa had a severe dislike for Hachi, ever since he heard of their birth. Kenpachi had wanted Chinokawa to become his cold, heartless and powerful weapon so that when he passes, his rightful heir shall take the throne. However, all this attention was focused on Hachi, who didn't agree to this training but it was necessary if they still wanted a roof over their head. Hachi lived a life of luxury up until the age of 5, where they would begin their training to be Kenpachi's own Samurai elite. They were proclaimed the "Sword of Hachiman", named after the Shinto god of war that was worshiped by the members of the Shin-Ha Clan. While they underwent their rookie training from elder Samurai warriors, their brother Chinokawa became even angrier as each day passed, forcing him to bully his little sibling. Such
Hachi Young

Hachi in their younger years.

treatment would make Hachi more accustomed to the hardships they would face from demons later on in their life.

At a young age, they met their cousin Kyofu, otherwise known as Savaric, who was working as a servant slave for Kenpachi, in order to earn money for their parents who lived on the opposite scale of the class system. Kyofu and Hachi quickly became friends and Hachi would spend a majority of their free time hanging out with Kyofu, training him to fight as well as learning themself. They would spend many years together until Hachi reached the age of 13, where Kenpachi decided that the rightful heir to the throne would be either Hachi or Kyofu. He ordered the two to fight each other, and the loser would have to be killed. The battle itself was a very emotional one, as Kyofu felt betrayed that Hachi would rather have their title as prince than their friendship with him, and Hachi felt they would be disowned and exiled if they refused the fight. Tears and blood were shed, but ultimately Hachi won the match, though just as they were about to deal the killing blow, Kyofu got away and ran into the nearby forest.

A few days later, Hachi would go wandering into the woods to try and find him, curious if he had died or not. However, instead of Kyofu, they encountered a large stone komainu statue, with jewel eyes. Their interest got the better of them as they climbed the statue and accidentally pushed one of the eyes out, allowing the nearby cave to rumble and shake ferociously. Hachi had unknowingly awoken an ancient demonic entity; the Dragon Lord Araki.

The Dragon Lord claimed to be one of the 20 Hands of Destruction, the elite leaders of the evil forces of the Inferno Realm, and so Hachi decided to take it upon themself to seal him away again. Although, they were no match for the large dragon, who had cut Hachi clean in half diagonally, while also tearing out their left eye and arm, but Hachi had managed to lob off one of Araki's hands before he did so. This allowed their blood to mix with Araki's, and the result would be the powerful Rage Gene. Araki proceeded to then leave Hachi for dead and kill the members of their clan, as well as burning the village to a crisp.


Three days after the incident, Hachi woke up on an operating table, finding only the upper half of their body and their right arm were saved from the incident. Their skeleton was utterly ruined, and most of their organs has been either lost or destroyed. They were surrounded by doctors and scientists, of all nationalities and backgrounds, and kept quiet as they studied them, slowly falling back out of consciousness after a few hours.

Hachi woke up the next day inside of a tube filled with liquid, where they felt incredibly different, such as not being in pain. Wires went through their fur and skin, and they looked about slowly, noticing their lower body had been regrown, and their left arm replaced with a cybernetic limb. They also noticed how their left eye had somehow returned, another cybernetic enhancement. Despite regaining their full body, they didn't feel right being in the tube. They felt as if it wasn't for their own benefit, like something was up and it wasn't just an act of kindness. Indeed they were correct, as later that day, they were removed from the tube and strapped to a machine that would electrocute them, with the scientists claiming they wish to learn the secrets of what happened at the clan base and where the Dragon Lord went.

Hachi underwent this torture for several weeks until they stumbled across a room where a tall, blue fox female was seen communicating with several scientists. Hachi knew she wasn't a natural creature, as their robotic eye had told them through an analysis. That night, they awoke the fox lady in order to find out more on what she was doing here. She claimed her name to be Sana, and that she was an advanced cyborg designed to take orders from the scientists who were undergoing research into creating bio-weapons, which was the reason they required the Dragon Lord; to further their research and progress.

The two of them escaped that night, leaving the laboratory in flames as Hachi had used the Rage Gene, a result of Araki's blood mixing with Hachi's, for the first time, boosting their will power and giving them intensely enhanced strength. With Sana's knowledge of navigating through the base, the two had made it out alive, although Hachi had taken a considerable amount of damage from using the Rage Gene for the first time, giving them a near-on heart attack, although Sana comforted them throughout, claiming they were the first person who had shown her such kindness.

The two later went to Hachi's old home, finding the charred bodies of their relatives and friends. Struck by emotional grief, Hachi swore to avenge their clan, despite their hatred for their father and brother, who were amongst the charred corpses. Finding an old, red-tinted katana amongst the ruins of an old temple, Hachi claimed this was the true Sword of Hachiman, supposedly used to have slain the demonic hordes many centuries back.

The two would continue to travel together for about three years, as a couple, before the two went separate ways due to reasons neither would discuss, mainly because Hachi refuses to talk about it and Sana erased her memory of Hachi some time ago. During this time, Hachi would fight huge hordes of demonic creatures and other scum.


Hachi vs Soren

Hachi against their son Soren.

Although Hachi and Sana went their separate ways, Hachi would continue to fight off the demon threat, and would also find a new love interest, with whom they had two children with; Soren and Hincho, who would both grow distant from their sire due to their absence in their development, as Hachi went off to fight more demonic threats that would plague the world for many years. And because of their absence, the two of their sons would grow to become enemies, hating each other for a variety of reasons, which Hachi would never forgive themself for as Soren now wishes them dead.


Hachi is a rather optimistic character, although they can become quite upset if a female insults them or upsets them somehow. They like the company of girls, but not because they wish for relations, but because they get on better with them than they do with men, who they will often try to joke with unsuccessfully. They can be seen as rather blunt or even dumb at times, but they are actually a strategical and tactical genius when it comes to fighting and the field of battle, in which they can be a cold and ignorant individual, stubborn and hating to lose in a serious fight.

Around females, they are rather shy and submissive, not wanting to bother them although their curiosity gets the better of them in a variety of ways, either good or bad. Around men they are rather confident, though can be seen as a nuisance at times due to their nearly-always positive personality and their tendency to brag about how they lost their family when they are met with a bad situation.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Strength

Despite looking relatively thin, Hachi actually possesses enhanced strength due to their regrown muscle tissues being fused with their cybernetics, and as such they can lift and throw cars with ease if they wanted to, which makes the force behind their sword a lot more devastating, especially considering the sword is demonic in nature thanks to being stained in centuries-old demon blood, which has the sword produce an almost endless amount of energy that helps Hachi when they need it. However, Hachi prefers to use their natural strength rather than the strength granted by their cybernetics, which they would mainly use in a serious fight. They are also in possession of a metal skeleton, which further boosts their strength.

Rage Gene

Hachi is the carrier of the Rage Gene, an effect of Hachi's blood being infused with that of the Dragon Lord's own blood. The Rage Gene acts like a much more dangerous of an adrenaline rush, granting Hachi an enhanced amount of strength and reflexes, as well as speed. The gene is demonic in nature, though Hachi has no control of the gene, which tends to activate only in cases of intense amount of stress, and is seen as a curse by Hachi themself as, with every generation down the line, the Rage Gene's influence becomes stronger and stronger. Hachi has only managed to access 15% of the Rage Gene at most, although if they were to access 100% they would be the centre of a black hole capable of destroying a majority of the known Universe, which they don't know. but is a reason to further dread this demonic ability.

Swordsmanship & Martial Arts

Hachi is skilled in the art of swordsmanship, and was taught from an early age how to handle a sharp blade. Thanks to their cybernetic implants, they can analyze a weapon and know almost instantly how to adapt to its usage, and store the information for later uses just in case. This applies to a majority of weapons, such as swords, axes, daggers, etc.

Hachi is also a skilled martial artist, also having been taught this from a young age. Their main style of martial arts, when they apply it, is Karate and other such forms, like Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu, Aikido, and Judo. they can analyze different fight styles, whether organized or improvised, and save such techniques for later.


  • Hachi was inspired by Miyamoto Usagi from the Usagi Yojimbo comic series.
  • Although not actually styled upon, Hachi shares some similarities with Dante from the Devil May Cry series, due to the fact of possessing a demonic sword and also having a demonic brother.
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