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HS the Deathknight is the author avatar of User:HS664. He is a male human Deathknight, and a former member of the Paladin Order.  He is a powerful swordsman and equally strong user Dark Elemental Magic.


HS has a strong sense of ideals and freedom. He is always one to point out the flaw in a rule or such, and is always willing to help someone. When someone messes up, or is highly annoying he will usually give someone more chances than the others around him. However, should they choose not to improve, he will stop trying to help.

HS tends to point out flaws others have in their person, usually critizing them for it. However, he will commonly have this flaw himself. HS is fully aware of such, and justifies his critizism by stating he's trying to make sure others don't make his mistakes.

He also has a strong sense of randomness, and a stronger sense of aggression. He is one to pick fights, but also have a very cautious nature. He is also known to pull out his blade at times, and whack people with it when they do something as simple as midly insult him (this is meant more as a joke however).

HS tends to speak in a very joking manner, and likes to use highly descriptive and usually exaggerating words. Sometimes, he speaks so fast he slurs his words together (much to his dismay). He speaks with a Cockney accent.  It is sometimes hard to tell what emotion he is feeling by what he has on his face or in his tone of voice.


Physical Description

HS stands at six feet tall, appearing around 15 years of age. His eyes are a deep brown, and his hair is a light brown. His hair is additionally styled like an anime character's. His skin is somewhat pale due to lack of sunlight exposure, which he doesn't mind. He also seems to have slighlty noticable marks from lack of sleep.


HS is almost always wearing a paladin styled armor. However, this armor is notable because it has a lusterous black base color. While he can usually fool people into thinking he is a Paladin, wiser people will quickly notice that he is in fact a Deathknight.

Sprouting from his back is an old, purple cape. This cape is made of powerful fabric, and seems to always be floating in the breeze. Even when there is none. Finally, he possesses a Skull Helm made from the Skull of a young dragon. The dragon is horned, and the helm will only cover the top of his face.


Early Life

HS's early life is mostly unaccounted for. He rarely, if ever, talks about it. However, it is known he did study swords and some magic at this age. Eventually, he learned of his innate tatent for both Desolation and Rejuvenation Magic, and became a Reflector Mage. 

Teenage Years

By his the age of twelve, HS was already a powerful swordsman and great with his own magical abilities, but had tended to lean towards Rejuvenation then Desolation. He was lost at what exactly to do next, or what exactly to do with his powers. There weren't many other mages in the world, and he started to question his purpose, and why he was given the magic he possesed.

One day, while he was testing his magic, a strange, horrific looking creature attacked him. HS quickly split it's head open with his blade, killing it. He then burned the body with his Fire Spell. As he did, a man in distinct armor ran up. He had seen HS's feat, and was impressed with his skill. The man asked if HS would join the Paladin Order, seeing HS's potential for good.

Joining the Paladin Order

HS, after careful consideration, decided to join the Paladin Order. After the initiation, he was brought to the large stronghold complex where he was to be trained. In this time, he learned the basics of Paladinry: Be honorable, Never Cheat, never lie, respect nobility, and defend the weak. In this time, both his skill with his Rejuvenation Magic and his blade increased.

During his time in the Paladin Order, he met an exchange student named Tobias. He and Tobias, both being Reflector Mages, were fast and strong friends. However, Tobias's desire to perfect his magic abilties versus HS's desire to practice the Paladin Arts made them somewhat distant and conflicting. 

HS quickly rose through the ranks, quickly advancing through his training of tuning his body very quickly. By the age of 14, he had nearly made it to the maximum level of Chakra manipulation, and had undoubtingly mastered the use of his sword. He was very close to mastering the use of light magic too.

Then, the accident happened.  

The Accident

One day, Tobias approached HS and asked him for assistance. He had recently developed a spell that would assist him in his studies greatly, but he needed a component: A piece of alchemical silver dipped in Holy water washed shredded undead bones. The mage claimed that these could be found in the tomb of the Necromancer Wightrought.

HS jumped at the chance. He was dying to test his skill in the field of battle, and not against other Paladins like himself. The two set off after practice. Since the trip would take a day or two, it required HS and Tobias to take a leave from the stronghold, which they were given.

After a days worth of traveling, they made it the crypt. With HS's Light Magic, and Tobias's powerful spells, getting through the cave was a piece of cake. As they collected a few undead bones, Tobias sensed that another arcane spellcaster was in the area. His suspiscion was confirmed by the fact they two were then knocked out by an energy blast.

"Ascencion" to Deathknight

As HS awoke, he was chained to a stone wall inside on of the darker parts of the crypt. He saw Tobias to the side, and saw the mage was still unconscious. However, what he saw next horrified him. Standing in the room was a Lich, holding a staff at him.

The creature then cast a spell that caused HS's life to change permanently. The Lich cast a spell that filled HS's mind with vast knowledge of Necromancy, causing a horrific visage that practically shattered the boys mind. The necrotic energy now in his mind caused his armor and blade to darken, The infusion of knowledge and energy then caused HS to have a fit of insanity. He had become a Deathknight.

With his newfound centuries worth of dark knowledge, HS was able to easily break his restraints. Due to his currently shattered mind, the Lich was able to easily take control of him. HS was now in the service of the ancient spellcaster Wightrought.

Battle with Tobias

HS's first order: Kill Tobias. HS, in his shattered state of mind, had no choice but to comply under the spellcaster's command. He was about the run his blade through the mage, but a blast of energy hit the insane Deathknight back.

Tobias, through the sense of magic, had woke up. He then cast a disintigration spell on his chains, and then created a magical explosive blast that knocked both HS and Wightrought back. He then engaged HS in a battle of blade and magic that managed to tear apart most of the surrounding area, including the crypt itself. Wightrought managed to escape, however.

Tobias ended the battle by casting a Healer Spell on HS, causing his insanity and mind control to lift. As the newly born Deathknight fell over from the pain, Tobias came over. He apologized for not being able to help his friend, and blamed himself for not being able to save him from becoming a Deathknight, and making him come in the first place.

HS forgave him, but he also knew that if he decided to go back to the Paladin's keep, he'd be killed. Tobias agreed to tell the others he was dead, and to see if he could find a spell to cure him. HS smiled, then spotted a treasure chest in the rubble of the crypt that survived destruction. He went over to it, and pulled out an old white Dragon Skull Helm. He put it on, declaring the old him dead. This is where he took the name "HS".

Life as a Deathknight

HS didn't mind leaving the Paladin Order. Why exactly, he wasn't sure. It might have had something to do with the fact he now had much more power than he ever thought possible at the simple, pretty insignificant price of his humanity and potentially his old powers, but then again, he wasn't sure.

HS had a new blade, a new set of armor, and a new helm. He was practically unrecognizable. He decided to keep his title as Paladin, but also thought that the oath of a paladin was now inefficient. Now, he kept a more chaotic style to his actions.

Inside, he never truly recovered from becoming a Deathknight. Starting from when he realized he was now literally unable to sleep, but didn't require sustenance or air, he started to work on his powers. He had a lot of time too; When you don't need to sleep or eat, you have time to kill.

This might have caused some detrimental effects to his mind, however. HS became more violent, and more estranged. He would use his spells far more aggressively, usually causing large collateral damage to the area he was in.

When he joined the Paladin Order, he didn't have much time to practice offensive magic anymore. However, becoming a Deathknight had given him a large array of powerful damage dealing magic. Along with a few new powers, HS became rather cocky with his level of abilities.

Maybe too Cocky

Yeah totally.

By his fifteenth birthday, HS had travelled a good portion of the world. He had also came to master almost all of his new necrotic powers, which made up for more then his incomplete physical training. After his fifteenth birthday, his goal was officially tracking down Wightrought and getting revenge.

As seemingly by the intervention of fate, HS once again encountered Tobias. The mage had recently left the order's stronghold to continue his studies, and had heard of a rogue Paladin in the area HS was in. He came to study some arcane activity in the area, and believed it may be Wightrought.

HS didn't mind his old friend, but was careful, just in case. He did not want a repeat of last time. The two returned to a crypt of sorts. Tobias, from the ley lines and archetechture, deduced it was Wightrought's. HS and Tobias quietly entered the Crypt, and pushed their way through.

When they got through to the bottom, they encountered Wightrought. The Lich congratulated them for getting this far, and then summoned a Dracolich to dispose of them. HS and Tobias managed to defeat the creature by blowing out its spine, then blowing it up with HS's Nether Wind attack. However, upon its death, the Dracolich loosed an explosion that nearly killed both Tobias and HS.

HS and Tobias managed to walk away, but HS realized that even they could not beat Wightrought's schemes alone.

Meeting Xypher

Some time later, HS and Tobias tracked Wightrought to The Under, a magically guarded underground city of Necromancer. Being magic users, they were allowed access, but needed to stay under guard. During their stay, they met a Souldier (yes, punny name. NOW KEEP READING!) named Xypher who had information on Wightrought and was willing to help them.

However, the Souldier had a price: The he'd get a good share of the profits. Since Tobias and HS had no real need for money (HS didn't need to eat, sleep or breathe, and Tobias did more studying than he did pursuit of materials objects), they agreed.

The three ventured to edge of the city, were they were met with a planar gate that had been seemingly set up for there arrival. The three deduced that even though it was most likely a trap, they had no choice but to go through it. The three jumped in, and found themselves on the Chaotic Plane of Pandemonium.

2 Days in Total, Undending, Unecessarily Dangerous, and to be bland, Chaotic Chaos.

The three were now on a planet sized plane were the many elements clashed with eachother and many energies in complex and wholly unorganized fashions. Tobias explained that they were on a form of minor existence intertwined with their own, and that finding Wightrought, should he even be their, would be dangerous.

The three spent the next day attempting to traverse the plane. This was easier said than done. As quite literally, everything but themselves was trying to kill them. There were clouds of caustic acid, rivers of lightning, seas of fire, and pools of elemental pain.

After two whole days, the team found Wightrought. He was inside a mountain that was protected from the hyper deadly deathy deaths of elemental wastes outside. As HS, Tobias, and Xypher arrived inside, Wightrought congraluted them once again for finding him, then proceeded to cast a quickened and intensed Time Stop. When he used it, HS realized that he was somehow unaffected, and proceeded to use his Nether Wind on Wightrought before he could escape.

However, he had the unfortunate effect of accidently missing Wightrought and destroying the mountain they were in as the Time Stop ended.

While the three were buried under the mountain, Wightrought managed to escape yet again. Very luckily, Tobias had just enough time to cast another Time Stop. Needless to say, they were not pleased about losing Wightrought again.

The Birth of Evil HS

A few weeks passed before HS, Tobias and Xypher got another lead on Wightrought. This time, he was based in the Black Swamps, apparently working on some project. HS was all too eager to defeat Wightrought and get his revenge.

The three made it to his swamp crypt. When they confronted him, he decided to make the ultimate villain mistake: Giving his enemies a well detailed description of his plan.  He claimed he planned to use the Elemental Pain extracted from Pandemonium to make an ultimate soldier for his works.

Tobias warned him this plan was doomed to backfire, as the Elemental Energies of Pandemonium would most likely create a purely unstable lifeform. But Wightrought refused to listen, and activated the final step of his plan. HS, Tobias, and Xypher then fought valiently to stop the elemental mixture from forming into whatever Wightrought planned, but alas, they failed to beat Wightrought in time.

The Elemental Samples taken from Pandemonium fused together, and started to form an undead abomination. HS, and Company, in a desperate attempt to stop it, attempted to destroy it with a blast of energy from his sword slice. However, this caused it to take their forms.

Evil HS was born. A creature made from Elemental Pain, with HS's form, and the powers of him, Tobias, Xypher, and Wightrought. With the Elemental Pain wrapping around it, it took the most fitting personality from each of its parts: HS's powers, Tobias's drive for power, Xypher's williness to commit evil to survive, and Wightroughts outright evilness.

The figure that appeared then decided it would be best to do what it was made for, for at the moment, it was not sentient. It created an explosion, effectively destroying the cave that the team was exploring. After that, HS and the team were buried under much rubble. Due to a bit of quick thinking by Tobias, they managed to survive.

As the three crawled out of the rubble, (not bothering checking looking for Wightrought) they decided that they needed to find and destroy the Evil HS. Before they got ready to leave, HS saw another creature forming from Elemental Pain: A small, human creature known as "Wink".


The team of HS, Tobias, Xypher, and Wink was left with one goal: Find Evil HS. Tobias calculated that the creature had become sentient by now. However, with Wink, they had a better chance of beating him. With nothing to lose, the newly formed team sent out to find and defeat evil HS.

Blades of the Wight

(Note: From this point on, all content here is effectively in theory; It has not been finalized, and may be changed.)

HS and co would start their new lives inside a dugout base made by their combined efforts. While their mission was simple, executing it was not. They had lost position of Evil HS. They're second problem was HS insisting that they keep Wink around.

The small mage had such an alien mind, coupled with his tendancy to utterly annihilate problems with magic (because it is technically quicker) that Tobias and Xypher could barely stand him. Wink himself only stayed around because HS bribed him with an assortment of magical items and reagents.

Wink however, eventually got tired of simply not solving his problems the most efficient way, and after a battle that left Xypher unconscious, Wink declared that he'd be impartial to the team rotting in hell, and declared hge would fight Evil HS himsel. 

Relations with Others


  • Tobias Feywind:Tobias is one of HS's oldest friends. The two easily support eachother in battle, and both are great all round fighters. They trust eachother with their lives, and with their darkest secrets. However, the tow of them do have fights, like how to go about tracking down Wightrought or Evil HS. However, they are strong standing friends nonetheless.
  • Xypher deCarcerate:While HS and Xypher do not entirely get along, they still respect eachother greatly. This does not stop Xypher from stealing, and it does not stop HS from reprimanding him. They both attempt to watch over Wink, however, and both finds similar intrests in weapons and powers.
  • Wink:Out of the three of his team members, HS and Wink have the most strained relationship, due to Wink's alien morality. While HS is constantly beratting the Spellcaster about using his violent methods to solve problems, he truly cares about him, like his other friends.



  • Wightrought the Darklich:Wightrought is mostly the reason HS does anything; The ancient spellcaster turned HS into his own personal Deathknight, and then got him sent out on a long quest for revenge. HS is well aware of how dangerously genre savvy the Lich can be. One of HS's greatest desires is smashing the Lich's Soul Jar.  
  • Evil HS:HS sees his "Counterpart" as a greater threat to life than Wightrought. So far, he has little to know understanding of said creature, other than he seems to embody the darker cncepts of pain.


Super Powers

  • High Level Darkness Magic:HS has powerful Dark Magic, He easily makes use of his spells in battle, actively casting spells at his foes of many different elements. While not as skilled as Wink or Tobias, he is still a very powerful Darkness user. His 
  • Extreme Endurance:HS has a level of Endurance far exceeding any normal person, and even that of his teammates. He can survive practically fatal wounds (such as being impaled through the stomach) easily, along with long falls, being hit by powerful elemental attacks, and powerful weapons being used against him. This has even exteneded into a joke, since his incredible endurance justifies incredible and humourous injuries he suffers. 
  • Superhuman Speed:HS can move at an impressive 90 Miles Per Hour. He can reach this speed with relative ease, and suffers no losses to reflexes or agility, despite wearing obviously heavy armor.
  • Superhuman Strength:HS is not the strongest out there, but he can easily lift as massive rock weighing several tons if needed. He prefers the use of his Deathblade, if anything, making his strength a moot point.
  • Superhuman Resilience:In addition to HS being able to perform physical feats of outstanding caliber aqnd not tear his muscles, he also posesses a good level of resistence to Fire, Electricity, Light, Dark, Metal, and Poison based attacks.
  • Dark Sustenance:Due to the Dark Energies flowing through his body, HS has no need to eat, sleep, or breathe. While this is highly practical in every sense, it comes with a terrible backlash: HS literally cannot fall asleep. No form of magic, psychic, or biochemical effect can make him fall asleep either. He says this is the one thing he misses about his normal life.
  • Nether Wind:HS creates a quick blast of Evil Aligned Energy that ranges in a cone 160 feet in range. This attack does massive damage, and sounds like howling wind. It looks like black wavy energy striking a foe. HS can only use it a handful of times each day.
  • Exorcism:HS's hands glow, and an undead being, regardless of what it is, takes large amounts of physical damage due to HS channeling excessive Light Enenrgy into it. This will usually cause it to explode, and destroy it, should it be weaker undead.
  • Spear of Light:HS charges his sword with light energy, and causes it to transform into a shining dragon spear. He then throws it at a t target, where it travels at ultra high speeds. The spear has incredible peircing power, and can easily go through reinforced titanium without losing momentum. The spear has no drop, and will keep traveling at top speed until it has reached a certain, then it will turn around, and go back to HS's grip. There, it will become his Deathblade again. This is the only light power HS has retained. 
  • Wight Song:HS puts his hands together, and creates a glow that forms into a small Wight shaped manifestation that glows a shadowy aura. It then races for his foe, creates two explosions of dark energy, then fires a blast of darkness from its hands before dispersing.
  • Heal:HS heals 20% of his Maximum endurance. Additionally, any debuff and status conditions will be healed. This ability only requires that HS concentrate. After that, he must wait 3 minutes before he uses "Heal" again. Each time additionally eats up his energy, so he can only use it a limited number of times.
  • Channelling Spirit:HS's Ultimate Healing Ability. Hs must burn all his magical energy, effectively making him defenseless in terms of magic. However, any and all injuries and afflictions inflicted to HS, his armor, or his blade are instantly healed. According to HS himself, even he doesn't know the full capabilities of the technique. He will only use it as a last resort.
  • Turn Elemental Energy:HS must be hit with a type of attack that causes harm before this ability can be used. When he does, he focuses on the Damage Type of the attack that harmed him. He then gains an +200% resistence to that Damage type (enough to at least heal him instead of damage ). This boost lasts for only 2 minutes, however.
  • Summon Undead:HS claims to be able to summon undead creatures, ranging from Wights to Skeletons to Liches. He can then command them to do his bidding. He states because he sees this as unethical, he never does it.
  • Darkness Blast:HS coats Nekurohana with dark energy, then stabs his foe. This causes the foe to develop a temprory weakness to Darkness. Commonly followed by a use of Blood Siphon.
  • Blood Siphon:Blood Siphon could very well be HS's most dangerous status technique. Once Blood Siphon is used, the opponent recieves a DoT equal to 10% of HS's maximum stamina, and HS is then healed for an HoT of the same amount. Additionally, for every -25% weakness the foe has to darkness, the target takes an additional 100% damage from the attack. It will usually damage three times.
  • Death Shield:HS creates a barrier made of necrotic energy around him. This barrier is very hard to penetrate; attacks will use about 80% of their power just trying to get through, on average. It does not last long, however, and requires HS to burn a lot of energy to use.
  • Wither:HS puts his hand forward and declares "Wither before me!" to the foe. The foe is then struck by doing 30% less damage with their attacks for a moderate period of time. While afflicted by "Wither", the foe will also seemingly rot at rapid paces, but this does not harm them, and any pain is purely placebo.
  • Dark Meteor:HS raises his Deathblade into the air, and causes a large amount of Dark Energy spheres to race from the sky to the ground at high speeds. The Meteors then explode in 15 foot radius blasts, causing splash damage to whoever it hits.
  • Sword Wave:HS swipes his sword so fast that it creates a minor shockwave that explodes on contact with the opponent.
  • Fireball:HS generates magical fire in his hands and throws it as a projectile. Said projectile explodes in a powerful spread of splash damage on impact with a target.
  • Cold Blast:HS creates a cone of cold energy in his hands that brances off in a wind that can hit multiple targets and do sizeable damage.
  • Infliction:HS calls upon hellish power stored inside his body. He then twists his hand, creating an explosion of incendiary energy below his target. As a result of using this energy, he burns off 25% of his overall Health. Howeve,r the damage from this attack is very high.


  • The Nekurohana:AKA, the Deathblade. HS has owned the sword for years. It became a Deathblade after HS was corrupted by Wightrought. The blade is absurdly sharp, capable of cutting through reinforced steel bars without losing momentum. It also deals Damage from Evil Energy (although HS nor the blade are actually evil, it is just its affinity).   
  • Death Armor:The Death Armor is powerful armor capable of blocking most forms of attacks, blocknig HS from harm. Despite the fact the armor covers his whole body, HS can still move at high speeds and move with alarming flexibility.
  • Death's Mantle:The weathered cape around HS serves as a means of teleportation style transport. By wrapping it around himself, he can enter a makeshift dimensional rift that allows him extremely quick transport via The Tenebris, a plane overlapping the material plane. HS can teleport around 5 miles in a single jump.
  • Dragonskull Helm:HS dons a skull helm made from a young Black Dragon. While it doesn't cover the lower part of his face, it still serves as a powerful magical conduit. HS will usually wear it while going into battle.


Despite his great strength, HS possesses several weaknesses. Most being exposure to Sonic Damage, which can severely damage him. This is due to his nature as a Deathknight; His own para-undead body structure is protected by magic that is specifically meant to keep it from de-generating from wear and tear. Even though this would normally only be fatal to a fully skeletal being (As they lack any and all non-solid parts, which would supress the Sonic energy damage), HS still has a trace of said magic defending him, thus bypassing his normal defenses.

The second weakness is himself; HS has little self control or forethought, shown by his destruction of a mountain on the plane of Pandemonium. This leads to many fatal mistakes in battle. The support of Tobias, Xypher, and Wink is very helpful to him.


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  • The Character HS is based off the Author's character from DragonFable.
  • Comparing a traditional RPG team to HS's team, HS plays the role of the Warrior. 
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