HMS Encounter

HMS Encounter is a retired aircraft carrier of the 21st Century. It is now used as the home base of the Freedom Fighters. It is part of the Toronto-Class carriers of the Royal Navy (before being dissolved into GUN) - the paradime equivalent to the Toronto-Class cruisers of the Space Command of Erwy'.

This ship was well known to be the first self-sustaining warship in the whole world - with solar panels and wind turbines placed underneath the launch deck.

Specifications of the Ship

The Encounter is the first of the second batch of Toronto-Class carriers, and the first to have its nuclear reactor replaced by a battery. The Navy classifies this ship modified, being derivative from the ship, HMS Toronto. However, it was the first of the class to be sold off to a dock, who would then leave it for anyone who was willing to take it.


The Encounter has four azimuth thrusters and a rudder, an improvement from the original design. These thrusters have increased their power and can send the ship sailing 50 knots, at the most. Because of its effective design, there is no or bare money spent for maintenance of the ship within the propulsion area. They are controlled by state-of-the-art computer programs designed to run the ship efficiently.

Flight Deck

The Encounter has a relatively large flight deck, although it had been known only to take only four planes with it on its missions. However, it had also been known to host 100 planes altogether, including the hangars. The ship only did so when supplying aircraft to other nations.


This carrier has 6 anti-aircraft missile launchers and 4 regular launchers. This ship had participated in various gun-to-gun combat. The media depicts this ship as a hybrid of a destroyer and a carrier, having considered these.


Royal Australian Navy

The ship was first owned by the Royal Australian Navy (now the Royal Navy), built in Australia as the HMAS Encounter. They used the ship for various supply and attack missions. It had been through the Indian Ocean, scouting for pirates and for any metal remain underneath the ocean, in order to find various lost planes.

The Encounter was then sent to Fiji, to supply various aircraft. However, with the Navy going down with money, the Encounter was sold off to the Royal Navy.

Royal Navy

When the Royal Navy bought the ship, they rechristened the ship as HMS Encounter. They used the ship to send supplies to the affected citizens of South Florida, when a hurricane hit. The Royal Navy had also used the ship for various missions agains the Confederation.

But when the Confederation rose to rule the US as Robotnikland, HMS Encounter was replaced and was retired, stating that the Encounter is just a floating piece of metal, built with DIY tools. We cannot keep it. We need true metal and titanium.

With these words, the Royal Navy donated the ship to a dockyard, with no money in exchange.


Tails found the ship in a dock yard, with the big words 'for free' on a sign by it. The dock person told that the ship was worth nothing to the Royal Navy. Tails, who walked around the ship, took the ship and had it given to him. He keeps the ship by one of the islands of Scotland.

He uses the ship as a runway for the Tornado and to travel through the seas.


The ship had been used for various supply missions and attack missions and various landings by Tails or Silver. The ship has the power to obliterate any enemy in sight, when using its missiles. However, Tails barely  uses them.

Encounter, by far, has the smallest crew requirements compared to other ships, because of its automatic capabilities.

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