H*R Crossover Project is a crossover project where I, KittheCat, and some others will convert as many H*R characters as we can into Sonic the Hedgehog-styled characters. We will have artwork, sprites, pixel art, and fan fiction. This is a work in progress and we could use all the help we can get! So if your a fan or Sonic fan (duh :P), please join if you want to. Please ask before you join and don't flame us!


Canon Characters

H*R Fanon Characters


Fan Fiction (Or the story of how they got to Mobius or whatever)

By KittheCat

The characters of H*R all of a sudden end up in the Sonic the Hedgehog game world! They try to cope with their new forms and such. Will they ever get back to their home?


By KittheCat and Nastja46 (Add your name if you wish to join)

Sprites and Pixel Art

By User:Sharnathehedgehog, User:Flashfire212, User:Sonic boomhog and User:Nastja46 (Add your name if you wish to join)

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