This article is to contribute to the ever-growing roleplay popularity that has hit the wiki in the past few months, so i've taken it upon myself to perhaps encourage and teach the members here of roleplaying. As a roleplayer myself for nearly nine years, i've had experiences in roleplaying, managing roleplays and teaching others of the roleplay styles and ettiquette; though this is only a brief tutorial, it covers everything you'll need to know.

I hope you find this good reading, and have fun!


Welcome boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen of all ages. This article will explain to you how you can roleplay to a more "professional" or "reader-friendly" standard, as well as the stanrdards on the majority of other roleplays, though not limited to, forums, wikias and other text based formats. If you know how to roleplay... what the hell are you doing reading this? shoo! go make a character or something! If you don't know how to roleplay, or you wish to improve upon your roleplay standards, then this should be the first thing you read. Well, getting the introduction out of the way, let's move on.

The Basics

The basics of Roleplaying is first making a character. Simple enough. After making your character, keep note of his Biography and his Personality; this is what makes your character what he is. Whenever you go to roleplay in a topic be it with yourself or others, act, behave and talk as though you were your character. An example would be that your character is clumsy, arrogant and full of himself, you can make him keep tripping over himself, but still maintain a prideful personality about himself. This is just about getting to grips with your character, however.

Constructing a Roleplay Post is the next step. If you're good at writing stories and such, you'll find this bit easy. The beginner way is to make brief sentences, with a bit of description, keeping with a coherent style of writing. When i first started out, as well as others i knew, we established a scripted way to roleplay, like this;

Example: Short-hand or Script-based Roleplay

Having nowhere to run, Saizo attacked swiftly alongside Nexus.

Saizo: Get ready!

Nexus: Don't worry about me!

That was how we constructed our roleplay posts. However, when you get more experience and you really wanna show off, you can construct story-like posts, adding a lot of depth and detail into your post. This is the best way and the most recommended way of doing things; more description, especially in your actions, will give your opponent, as well as other people in the current roleplay as well as the reader, a better understanding of what's going on and get a feel of the surroundings and action, just like in an actual novel or comic. This will lead to a less-likely chance that an argument will break out and so forth; yes, arguments do break out because of someone's posts being too vague.

Example: Long-hand, descriptive "Novel" Roleplay

it wasn't the largest city in the world, but even after a millenia and a half, Samanexum still recognized what was the now filled with encampments and small houses; millenia ago, this used to be the city of Cambridgeshire; a small city in central England that was the leading city in recycling and developing new forms of renuable energy, developing what people now use as an oil substitute, OILIX; a single-cell microbe with high amounts of carbon-based configurations that resemble that of oil and coal in a hardened state, but with the benefit of producing no greenhouse gases and also the ability to multiply, eradicating the stress of lack of renewable resources.

Anyway, with that out of the way, it did bring back some good memories of when he used to travel around the world, and this was one of his favourate places. At the words of his partner, Samanexum sighed, rolled his eyes and felt pretty disappointed at his reckless proposal. "Darien... if we were to kill everyone here, how would we be able to expand our organisation? You'll just be making unessicary setbacks." He turned to a tall building that reminded him of the Glass Block; a tall office building located in the town centre some several centuries ago that was made entirely out of steel and glass. "I propose we give them a sort of... ultimatum; we'll spread the word a bit, and those who fail to comply will be eliminated."

It was reletively quiet for such a large villiage... although Samanexum could hear something; it was pretty faint, hard to tell exactly what it was, but he could hear it. Suddenly, he could hear gunshots fired off into the distance; most probably where some of the soldiers were invading; guess a rear attack didn't exactly prove to be 100% sucessful. Suddenly, he saw someone pop out from around the corner of a nearby spire, firing small shard-like projectiles at soldiers standing merely meters away from him. He stared at the girl; a beautiful young-looking girl with flowing blonde hair... he liked people with bright colored features, but it is very unlikely they could be friends. "Well..." he said to himself, his emerald eye glimmering in the sunlight. "This is a turn up..."

Fighting in a Roleplay

When fighting, there are a few things you have to follow; taking hits and Overpoweredness. Be sure to take hits, even against someone who's severaly weaker than you. You can act like you didn't take a lot of damage, obviously. However, if someone is the same strength as you in terms of magic, abilities and such, don't act like you're God and you don't even flinch. When in a fight, take hits and take damage depending on your power of your opponent's attacks; an opponent who's power is reletively greater than yours is gonna hit you harder and have a more likely chance to dodge your attacks, but again, keep it reasonable. Overpowererdness is exactly what it is. If you have a low power level and you know spells like Chaos Spear or Homing attack, don't act like it can blow up a planet. Because it won't do. Overpoweredness is pretty much just acting like you're God, though a farmer with shotgun could probably take you down.

General rules of Roleplaying

Now that you have the general understanding of how to roleplay, here's some general rules/ettiquette to follow;

- Golden rule is to never control your opponents actions or hit them; the opponent must be given a chance, and thus they say whether you hit them or not. However, after posts and posts of no one getting hit, there's obviously something wrong. Best way to deal with this is to take hits, and if your opponent doesn't take hits, it's obviously a fault on their part, not yours. However, if the opponent is like over nine thousand power than you, it's expected.

- Out of Character talk should be kept to a minimum; however, OOC talk that is relevant to the roleplay is acceptable e.g. you're fighting against another member and you question his actions. However, try to solve it quickly and don't break into an argument. If an agreement can't be solved, please keep this out of the roleplay, namely in the Forum section or discuss it among your discussion pages.

- No Godmodding. This is when you are not getting hit, noselling attacks as though you were unharmed, hitting your opponent instantly etc. Basically what the last paragraph just talked about.

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