Gustav the Penguin
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Gustav the Penguin is a member of the Gelid Forest Freedom Fighters.

Physical Description

An average-looking penguin who stands a little bit over three feet tall, Gustav has a medium-length, somewhat pointed beak, and a thick, medium-length tail that tapers to a point.

His feathers are mostly white in color, with black coral arms, throat, back, and top of tail. His face is mostly black coral in color, with a white facial mask, and he also has a black coral stripe across his chest and sides that joins above his sternum. He has no hair on his head, instead having a forehead tuft and longer feathers that extend from the back of his head, and his eyes are blush in color. His beak is ash gray in color, with a thin, black coral stripe around the middle.

His attire consists of an ateneo blue and white ushanka, ateneo blue fingerless gloves with white cuffs and black padding on the back, and ateneo blue and white boots.


Part 1

With the arrival of the Artika Egg Army


Base Stats
SpeedGood - on land
Great - swimming
ReflexesGood - on land
Great - swimming
Other Stats

Being a penguin, Gustav is an excellent swimmer, and his thick, water-repellent feathers allow him to be quite fast in the water; they also keep him warm in Artika's considerably colder bodies of water. His physical strength isn't anything special, although he does know how to throw a punch, and his sturdy beak can hurt quite a bit with a peck.

Gustav is a moderately adept hydrokinetic, and primarily uses low-tier and simple to wield techniques of the Water Element, such as Aquatic Shrapnel and Water Gun.


Gustav is resistant to the Elements of Ice and Water. His thick, insulating feathers give him great protection against both the cold and against weak, Ice-aligned attacks, and also allow him to traverse the frigid waters of Artika with little issue.


Gustav is weak to the Elements of Fire and Electricity. His defenses are subpar, forcing him to rely on his agility to survive. Being a manipulator of Water, severe ambient heat can render his powers nigh useless. His thick, insulating feathers also leave him rather prone to heat exhaustion.

Friends and Foes







A shy and somewhat introverted penguin, Gustav generally prefers to keep to himself, and often feels overwhelmed among large crowds. In true introvert fashion, socializing with large amounts of people tends to drain Gustav, and he feels more energized when he is left to his own devices; however, he has little to no issue socializing with those he considers close friends. He is also quite smart, and enjoys reading.

Because of his social anxiety, he tends to stutter a bit when talking strangers.

Positive Traits

  • Smart

Neutral Traits

  • Shy

Negative Traits



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