Gunnar the echidna is Fa-La-Stu and Krinkinko's son from an alternate future.

Gunnar the Echidna


  • Green fur
  • Tan muzzle and belly
  • Fire Orange irises
  • X-shaped scar on his the right side on his right arm
Romantic InterestsNow that he's the same age as her he has an odd crush with his mother.

Mystic Bammboo Staff

AbilitiesChaos and Grass abilities
Super Forms
Ability Type(pending)
Alter EgosN/A


Gunnar was born to Princess Falalala-Stu the Echidna and Krinkinko the Hedgehog along with his sister in a dark alternate reality. They lived in the castle rarely ever going outside. As a child he was given a mystical Bamboo staff from his father on a trip to Krinkinko's old jungle house. One day his parents couldn't bear see the children live in such a horrible planet so they sent them to the past where they were shocked to find their mother in a relationship to with Net the Warthog nevertheless the two agreed with one another that they would stay with them even though the duo try day and night to get their mother and father back together.


Gunnar is very laid-back and lazy never willing to do any real type of labor. This is in part of him living in a castle all his live and having a butler do all his biddings. The only way he'll do work is if his father or sister threatens him to do so. He is also very protective of his sister and doesn't trust any boy he meets. He will quickly trust a woman though.


being so lazy he never really developes any attacks of his own. He has sub-par martial arts skills compared to his mother, below standard grass manipulation powers comapred to his dad , and severly underdeveloped chaos abilities compared to his mother and butler. The only real skill he has is using his Bamboo Staff which he always loses. The skill he can always depend on is his dark form which is the most powerful of any of his family members.

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