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Gunnar Prendergast, also known by the title he was once bestowed - Master of Dragons - is something of a legend to many around the world. While the unusual Galehog spends most of his time tending his new home hidden within the Windy Valley, he is well known as a breeder and friend to one of the most powerful elemental summons, the Dragons. Now retired from active competition, Gunnar is an outspoken conservationist and a friend to the elemental clans, specifically the Wind Clan of Khazri.


Even among the elemental hedgehog subspecies he heralds from, Gunnar appears even more avian and specialized than usual. With the normal light, wispy build common to his people, the elderly hedgehog stands slightly shorter than average height for a Mobian. The majority of his body is covered in old lavender fur, which has darkened over the years from his original lavender. Similarly, atop his head is a rather simply styled array of salt-and-pepper greying black hair. To contrast, his skin is still suntanned from his days spent outdoors. The most notable feature, however, is the protrusion of feathers from his arms and between his quills. Even among galehogs, it is rare for feathers to sprout, yet Gunnar has had these as long as he can remember. Each of these feathers is the same color as his fur, with a few faint specks of proper silver at the edges and tip. His eyes, always warm and friendly, are chocolate brown in color.


Due to his many years of travel, Gunnar has a fairly extensive wardrobe of outfits and options of clothing, though it is to the surprise of many visitors that he tends to prefer to spend his time outdoors clad in fairly simple-seeming clothing of what looks to be a silvery leather vest and black pants made of a similar material. This fabric has proven to be highly resilient to energy and wear, which leads many to believe that it is dragonscale leather, something the elderly man has never truly explained.




The true reason why Gunnar received the title of Master of Dragons comes from his most powerful summon and close friend, a fairly large turquoise dragon with black belly scales and silver-grey wing-skin that he named Jormun. While he is known to have trained many other summons over the years, with many visiting his small home "ranch" frequently, Jormun is always a whistle away. The titanic lizard is often mistaken by many as a wild beast, but the dragon's unusually relaxed temperament often catches them by surprise. It is known that Jormun and Gunnar have been travelling together for at least thirty years, and that in that period of time the beast has grown to his current monstrous size, compared to old photos where he was roughly the size of a horse. While even Gunnar is uncertain exactly what breed of dragon his partner is, Jormun has shown to be able to unleash galeforce winds and fly with unparalleled ease.

In his retirement, having been retired for at least seven years, Gunnar has hand-raised a number of Wind-aligned orphaned summons that have been brought to him by Jormun, including a number of dragons that are believed to be Jormun's offspring, though Gunnar has never born witness to how he has ended up with baby dragons on his property. These dragons are typically allowed to roam free, rather than get given to any of the summoners who seek out the Master of Dragons.

Personal Skills

While not as powerful as in his youth, Gunnar has a fairly storied history in combat alongside his mighty dragon, or the imps and sylphs he raised before he met Jormun. Unlike many Elemental Clan summoners, Gunnar never took to wielding a weapon. Instead, he learned how to maximize his natural control over air, and actually gained the ability to fly by moving the winds around himself, even hovering on pillars of air. With this, Gunnar has a preference for swooping down and pummeling opponents with quick hit-and-run tactics or by striking them with blades of air launched from a plucked feather, all the while using his ability to call upon the winds to accelerate his other flying summons.

After he was joined by Jormun, however, Gunnar preferred to simply rely on his ability to alter the winds and took to riding the dragon, using the powerful beast to fight while he ensured there was always favorable winds for combat. In his retired state, however, his actual threat is nowhere near what it was, though Jormun is the main threat. If the dragon could be defeated, then Gunnar himself poses no threat.

Wind Techniques

Elementless Techniques








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